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About Rebecca & Cliff

Cliff and I both work for a large corporation.
I had been there for a year and a half before him, and then it was almost a full year that he’d worked there before we met.
A mutual friend at work talked about him from the day Cliff started, but I was completely disinterested in a relationship, and avoided work functions I knew he’d be at, because the inevitable, awkward set up was bound to happen.
We finally met for the first time at another friend’s farewell drinks. He completely blew me away with his wit and charm.

The proposal

On a road trip to visit some family, Cliff secretly prepared an amazing picnic for us both to have at a rest stop on the way.
He’s such a researcher, he’d shopped around online for the ‘perfect’ diamond, had it sent to a jeweller to be set in the setting that he chose! He’d had it for about 2 months, unsure how to propose.
We’d had our delicious picnic, and fabulous wine in plastic, light-up glasses, then I walked around taking some photos of the area with a new camera. I came back and he was on one knee.

Your Wedding Day

Cliff and I both wanted a sophisticated, though casual and fun, wedding.

Planning a Brisbane wedding from Sydney (to be close to family) at first seemed like a daunting task, but was very straightforward in the end, thanks to our wedding coordinator at Hillstone, and the honestly, the vast amount of options that flooded in through this site, since I knew absolutely nothing about suppliers/locations/venues/prices in Brisbane.
Having the ceremony and reception at the same venue made things just that much easier.

Hillstone is on a golf course, but due to Council insurance we weren’t allowed on the grass. Our table decorations were trays of wheatgrass, to bring the grass to us!

We didn’t actually have wedding favours, as such, but Cliff and I both spent time writing a comment about each guest, and sourcing guest photos, and I put them together in a booklet that also acted as the place cards with guest names on the cover. We thought people might enjoy the silly comments and it also helped break the ice between those who didn’t know others on their table.

It was an afternoon wedding, but I remember feeling like the day just went on and on, it was fabulous.
After the photos were done, we spent time talking to all of our guests. The meals were really excellent, but with all the excitement I wasn’t hungry. I ate a bit, and then walked around the room between courses, having a chat and a laugh. We also had the ‘bridal’ table sat in amongst all our guests’ tables, right in all the action. Fun!

For a day that is so highly anticipated by every bride, it’s impossible to sum up every ‘favourite’ detail. We’re glad we didn’t get bogged down in trying to be too perfect, though.