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Meet Sarah & Robert

we started as best friends and one day rob asked me out on a date we went on the date to a realy nice restraunt and i saw him in a diffrent light and fell head over heel for him

The proposal

we have a date night each week becuase i have a child so on date night i came home from dropping my daughter off at the babysitters i walk into the house see rose pettal everywere and rob in the loungroom on one knee i walk in so suprised and he said to me i want you and your daughter in my life forever so would you and **** let me into your family forever, and i said yes

Your Wedding Day

i had such a great day
we got married in a old style masion in winchlsea, we had our ceramony on the staircase and reception in the back room
we had a magic man in another room for the kids and live music and great food for the guests.
it was the best day of my life.