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Meet Becc & Daniel

My family had just moved to Mackay from the Tweed Coast. My younger sitster had moved and started at a small school north of Mackay 6 months prior. During the Christmas holidays my sister and cousins were at the local skating rink catching up with friends and I was introduced to Daniel. Over the next month we saw each other in group situations quite a bit. We started dating in the January.

The proposal

During a long weekend in Noosa after a night out. We had just watched a movie and turned the lights out. Daniel rolled towards me and asked me ‘Will you marry me’ I said ‘of course’ not realising he was actually proposing. He fumbled around my hand and slipped the ring on my finger… there we tears.

We had chosen the ring together almost 12 months prior and it was still perfect.

Your Wedding Day

After 9 years together and the birth of our daughter we decided on a small intimate wedding. We had 45 guests including our 5 neices. We had the most important people there to share our day.

Our ceremony was in a private home with beautiful gardens in Wakerly. The couple who owned the property were wonderful, they had so much pride in their home. We were married 2 months after the devestating floods in Brisbane 2011. Although there was a lot of rain leading up to the day.

The sun was shining, on our day, the grass was green and all the flowers so bright.

My sisters were my bridesmaids and our 2 best friends were the groomsmen, our 5 nieces were our flower girls. I walked down the isle to Three Doors Down ‘Your arms feel like home’.

Our ceremony was perfect with a small poem read by my brother in honour of our daughter.

We had photos in the gardens, there was also an old shed with antique items. A short drive from the gardens, is an area with old boats and jettys which made for an amazing backdrop.

Our reception was held at a local restaurant on the patio area which we decorated. The restaurant also has an outdoor area with lots of trees and a small waterfall, the perfect setting. There was also a little playground for the children to use.

Our parents sat with us on the bridal table as we wanted them to be by our side, this meant our bridesmaids and groomsmen could be with their children and partners during dinner.

I married the man of my dreams, the best husband and father for our daughter I could have asked for.