Lauren & Jeff | Real Weddings Western Australia

Meet Lauren & Jeff

We met 3 1/2 years ago through mutual friends. I was living and working in Bunbury WA at the time and he was in Perth so we only saw each other on weekends for a year and a half.

The proposal

It was my birthday in 2009 and Jeff proposed in our kitchen while I was making a milo for breakfast. I cried so much that he forgot what he was going to say.

Your Wedding Day

I was so unbelievably calm the whole morning which totally amazed me because I’m normally such a stress head and know what I’m like under pressure. The whole morning I couldn’t believe it was happening – I was finally getting ready for our wedding!

At Caversham House we made our way to the start of the aisle but once our processional song played the tears started. I said to my MOH “Quick tell me something funny!” So she turned around and jokingly said “You look like s**t!” I cracked up but it wasn’t enough to stop the tears for long.

I don’t even remember walking down the aisle. It felt like it happened all too quickly. Once I reached Jeff I had tears just dripping down my face. When we were saying our vows to each other I could see him fighting back tears. We then exchanged rings and I couldn’t get Jeff’s over his knuckle. I even had 2 hands on it but nothing worked so I left it on his knuckle. It was hilarious! Before I knew it we were having our 1st kiss as husband and wife. I threw my arms around him and we had a big kiss.

Once we arrived at Floreat Beach we had photos on the beach then headed upstairs to the surf club. Our reception was awesome and we had a blast. Everyone loved our cupcake tower, especially our cake topper, and everyone commented on how beautiful the ceremony was.

DH and I are not dancers and wanted something fun for the bridal waltz so we did the Birdy Dance. Best choice we could have made!

Eleven months of planning and stress for one day – but my god was it the best day of our lives so far!