Alicia & David | Real Weddings South Australia

About Alicia & David

David & I first met & started dating at the tender age of 14. We dated for 6 months and then life took us separate ways, we remained good friends for the following 5 years. We still have the love letters from each other many years ago. One from Dave after the break -up quotes ‘I know one day we will be back together, you will be the girl I marry’. 5 years on, we began spending time together when two of our friends started dating, sparks started flying & sure enough our high school sweet heart love rekindled.

The proposal

Dave proposed over dinner on a rooftop restaurant in Thailand over-looking the beach. After dinner, he said let’s go back to our room to get changed and go out for a celebration drink. I opened the door to our hotel room to find it completely covered from roof to floor in red and white love heart balloons. Beautiful red roses and chocolates were also scattered throughout the room. It was definitely one of the most memorable and happiest times of my life!

Your Wedding Day

We were looking for a wedding that was intimate and close, we wanted all the guests at our wedding to be special to us in one way or another – people who had shared in our relationship and lives over the years. We wanted a wedding that defined our characters – something fun, detailed, creative and a little bit quirky!
We wanted an elegant and classy wedding with personalized vintage and rustic touches. These elements were used in the styling and intricate details of the wedding.
Our wedding colour palette consisted of cream, beige, latte, coffee and apricot. We chose these colours as we feel they perfectly represented the elegant, vintage and rustic style we wanted to achieve.
We also displayed a ‘Love Story Board’ outside of the church which displayed a quick snapshot of our 6 years together. It was displayed on a blackboard with a white baroque frame to tie in with the elegant and rustic style of our wedding.
Our little page boy held a distressed ‘Here Comes The Bride Sign’ down the aisle just before I walked into the church, it was just gorgeous!
We choose the Intercontinental because we wanted a beautiful and glamorous location but we also wanted a room which gave us the flexibility to decorate it in a way that suited our theme. The ballroom had a gorgeous aura about it which oozed elegance and class! We adapted this to fit in with our own style by adding touches of rustic and vintage elements and theming to the room.
I love photography and wanted to add something a little different and unique to our collection of photos, hence deciding to have some of our pictures taken at the Royal Adelaide Show. The carnival theme also tied in beautifully with the rustic elements

Start your planning early. If you can choose a venue which already has an events manager. Our Events Manager Christine Rentis was truly unbelievable and made our experience with the Intercontinental Adelaide such a special and beautiful journey!

Allow others to help you, dont try to take on more than you can handle.

One last piece of advice would be pack an emergency wedding kit for the day. Include items such as deodorant, nail polish, hairspray, bobby pins, and safety pins. Anything that many be needed should an emergency occur.

The best part of the wedding was our first dance together as husband and wife. We completely blocked out everything else around us and just took a few minutes to take in this special moment and reflect on the amazing day it had been so far. Although there were x200 people around us, it felt although it was just the two of us in the moment, it was such a special and memorable time.

As a little token of appreciation for all our parents’ hard work in the lead up to the wedding we surprised them with a little something during our Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances. During my father/daughter dance we surprised Dad with a slideshow of photos of the two of us from birth until now, as with Dave for his mum. This was a beautiful touch to our last dances with our parents and definitely caused a few tears to be shed!

We had a balloon release at the church straight after the ceremony where each guest was given a cream heart-shaped balloon to release at the same time. This was a beautiful moment and made for a great group photograph!

We wanted to do something different to the traditional arch at the end of the evening, so instead our guests were each handed a wedding themed party popper. On the count of 3 all guests launched their party poppers into the air on the dance floor which made for a fantastic group photograph!

All the small details and intricate personal touches were a true reflection of us and helped make our day so magical. We both felt like we were on cloud nine the whole day and night through and loved every single second of our special day!