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Meet Laurene & Stefan

We were both performing in a Musical. Stefan was playing the lead role and I was in the chorus. We became really great friends. After the show finished we both broke up with our partners and started spending alot of time together. One day Stefan just kissed me!!

The proposal

I was having a shower and the bathroom was all fogged up. I noticed that there was something written on the mirror. This was nothing out of the ordinary as we always wrote each other messages on the mirror. It turned out to say, “Marry Me?”.

Your Wedding Day

We slept in on our wedding day until 9am! It was bliss!
My bridesmaids and I rode in a maxi taxi to the wedding so we could all be together. The Taxi driver put on my friends CD and we sang all the way there! It really helped my nerves.

The Ceremony: It was a very personal ceremony in New Farm Park. Both my parents walked me down the Eisle. It was the perfect sunny afternoon. We had a christian service that was performed be a family friend. We added our own personal touches. Our friends all bought a piece of ribbon that they had personalised and they were all tied together. During the service my sister in law tied our hands together with the ribbons to signify that our friends and family were helping to tie our lives together!

The Photos: We only spent about 20 mins taking photos. Most of the photos we love the most are the candid shots not the set up shots. We preferred to be with our guests not off taking photos.

Reception: Was held at Watt Modern dining. It was wonderful food and such a beautiful setting. We were looked after by the staff. We had finger foods and drinks. We danced as the sun went down looking over the Brisbane river.

After the Reception: My new hubby and I went with our family to the restaurant were Stefan and I had our first date. We all ate together as a family. It was nice because we all sat together to eat and we were panicking about seeing our other guests.