Be prepared and understand that minor emergencies can and do arise. Don’t panic however – if you are well prepared these situations won’t amount to more than a slight disturbance.  Prepare yourself a wedding ’emergency kit’ and you will be able to handle any problems with style and grace.

Some things to include

Your emergency kit can include anything you think you might need on the wedding day. Some ideas include:

  • An extra pair of pantyhose is always a good backup to have. If you do find a snag or run in your stockings, dab some clear nail polish on it to prevent it running further. If the damage is beyond repair, simply put on your spare pair.
  • Safety pins will come in handy if you get an unexpected tear. They will also come in handy if you want to quickly bustle up a train.
  • Pack an emery board. If you break a nail, you can quickly file it down. You might also want to include some nail polish so you can touch up your nail colours if necessary.
  • A needle and thread is extra handy in case you need to do some emergency sewing. You’ll be glad you have this if some beading or sequins on your gown become undone.
  • In case of small cuts, pack a few band-aids that match your skin tone. If the cut doesn’t require a band-aid, pack tissues. These will also come in handy when you cry.
  • Bad hair days do happen! A small bottle of gel or hairspray will help tame your hair. Bobby pins and clips are also good for a quick fix.
  • Keep your smile bright and breath fresh with a travel size toothbrush, toothpaste and some breath mints.
  • Pack your purse and make sure you have a little bit of money for emergency phone calls etc.
  • Aspirins are a good idea to save you from any headaches you (or your bridesmaids) might have on the day.
  • Tuck a few crackers or cookies in a small plastic bag. You might be too busy to eat during the day. If you feel faint or lightheaded, have a bite. A small bottle of water is also a good idea. Do not pack juice, as this could spill and stain your dress.