The 10 Things You Must Do the Week Before Your Wedding

To ensure your day runs smoothly, you want to check and double-check preparations the week before your wedding. Though this means a few more days of work, it will save you worry on your big day.

During your wedding, you want to enjoy the celebration and build precious memories with your partner, friends and family. Before your wedding, you can experience the joy of your day, however, you need to make sure all your last-minute preparations are complete.

With that in mind, here are 10 things you and your partner need to do the week before your wedding.

Finalize the Guest List and Seating Chart

By the week before your wedding, you’ll likely know the number of people attending. However, if there are a few people who still haven’t given an RSVP to your invitation, take the opportunity to call them. It’s possible they misplaced the invitation or simply forgot to call.

Track down stragglers and get a final headcount. Once you know exactly who plans on attending, finalize your seating chart if you have one. You may find you have room to fit Aunt Helen with her friends if another relative has called in sick.

Confirm Details with Vendors

The planning process can be hectic, and the vendors you’re working with likely have a lot on their plates. Even if you’ve arranged everything well in advance, it’s still a good idea to check in with them the week before your wedding to make sure there won’t be any mishaps or misunderstandings.

Contact all your vendors confirming the time and place they’ll need to show up. Make sure to provide any last-minute information as well, such as their point-of-contact on the day of the wedding.

Designate a Point-of-Contact

On your wedding day, you’ll be too busy to answer questions from your vendors and direct phone traffic. You’ll want to designate someone as your person in charge to handle all that for you. This should be a coordinator, bridesmaid, groomsman or family member you trust to get things done.

A week before your wedding, touch base with your designated helper. Provide them with all the details they need to ensure things go smoothly and thank them for their help in advance.

Pick up the Dress

The week before your wedding, you’ll want to try on everything you’re wearing one last time to make sure it’s a good fit. You should pick up suits and dresses from the store early so you can try them and fix any last-minute issues.

Buying a dress is a long process, so make sure you’re keeping track of deadlines as you go.

Make Sure You Have Your Marriage License

Getting a marriage license is one step you can’t forget. Laws vary by state, but you’ll generally need to apply for and receive your license more than a week in advance due to waiting periods.

You should already have your marriage license the week before your wedding. If you’re expecting it in the mail and it hasn’t arrived yet, call the clerk’s office to make sure it’s on its way.

Prepare to Pay Vendors

You will generally pay vendors in several instalments. Often, the last payment comes the day of the wedding. If this is true for you, you’ll want to prepare to pay vendors the week before the event.

Figure out how much you owe and write checks for each vendor, placing them into carefully labelled envelopes. You may also consider including a cash tip. Give envelopes to your coordinator or point-of-contact to distribute.

Give Your Shot List to the Photographer

You want to make sure you’ll get all the wedding photos your heart desires. That’s hard to coordinate unless you plan ahead.

The week before your wedding — or sooner, if possible — come up with a list of all the shots you’d like to get, including who those shots should include. Communicate with your photographer and see what’s possible.

Attend Beauty Appointments

Many brides like to have spa treatments and manicures/pedicures in the days leading up to their weddings. If you’ve planned on having such treatments, tackle them this week.

When choosing a location, try to stick with places you’ve been to before, since you don’t want a last-minute hair or skin mishap.

Pack Everything You Need

Amid the wedding-planning rush, couples often forget the wedding night and honeymoon preparations. The week before your wedding, make a detailed list of everything you need to pack.

By packing ahead, you’ll save yourself stress the night before and reduce the chance of forgetting something important.

Buy Snacks and Drinks

The morning of your wedding should be fun and luxurious — but you also need to remember to eat. The week before, buy or plan to pick up snacks and drinks for everyone to enjoy while getting ready.

Whether you get pastries from your favourite bakery or coffee for your bridesmaids, you’ll be glad you planned breakfast early.

Get Ready for a Great Wedding

The week before your wedding, you’ll start to see all your planning finally fall into place. By making sure you accomplish a few last-minute tasks, you can ensure your wedding day runs perfectly.