Summer is fast approaching and many brides are putting the finishing touches on their wedding plans. Summer truly is the official ‘wedding season’- and why wouldnt it be? You’re almost always guaranteed great weather during the day, balmy nights, and an up-beat, exciting atmosphere throughout. But summer can also pose unanticipated and hard-to-handle threats to an otherwise perfect wedding, including insects, natural disasters, yearly heatwaves, and even, on the odd occassion, storms. So we’ve created a list of recommendations to keep all aspects of your summer wedding a success. 

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The Bride and Bridesmaids


Keep them light and floaty. Having a heavier or fuller skirt in will trap your body and you’ll simply feel uncomfortable all day. Note: having a heavy skirt made with light layers of mesh or tulle will not fix this problem- and you’ll have to deal with flies getting caught between the layers (this is a REAL thing that we have seen happen on numerous occassions).  Opt for fabrics such as lace, organza, chiffon and tulle.

Hair and Make Up

  • Try to keep your hair up and off your shoulders and neck as this will keep you cooler.
  • Keep your flace clean and dry before applying any makeup.
  • Be sure to use a non- oil based primer, irrespective of how much makeup you’re planning to put on your face. This will both act as a sort of glue-based to make sure your make up doesnt slide off once you start sweating, and will allow your makeup to go on more smoothly and evenly.
  •  Having natural, light make up will ensure you don’t have it melting off your face as you say “I do”. 
  • If you do need heavier makeup, keep setting powder on hand for quick touch ups throughout the day.
  • Summer makeup means that you can get away with using more bronzer than you would in winter for a natural ‘sun kissed’ look.
  • During summer, you can actually afford to have lighter brows. If you’re blond with darker eyebrows, for example, summer is the perfect time to get them tinted. 
  • Keep all your makeup on hand in case of any touch- ups necessary, or, even unexpected accidents!


  • If you are going to be in full sun all day, have a few parasols or cute umbrellas handy for the bridesmaids to shelter under. Make sure you have a shady area (either a tree or marquee) for you to take refuge under after the formalities are done. Having open toes shoes or even better, sandals is a good idea, your feet will thank you for it later on.
  • Opt for non- metallic jewellery if you can help it, such as a string of pearls. These can get uncomfortable to wear as they conduct the sun’s heat throughout the day. If you are set on wearing metallic jewellery, try to step foot in the sun as little as possible, or simply take them off if you need to be in the sun for a long time (except if it’s for photos, of course)


Choose long lasting flowers for your bouquets that won’t wilt in the heat. Consult your with your florist about what will be the ‘hardest’ wearing. Check out our guide to see which flowers will be in season for your wedding. 

The Groom and Groomsmen

Light weight suits and cotton shirts in light colours are going to help the guys feel more comfortable in the hot weather – try linens and pure cottons. If the wedding is informal, get the guys matching flip flops. If they are wearing shoes, offer them light silk socks rather than heavy cotton or wool.

The Guests

If the ceremony and reception is outdoors, consider having a more relaxed dress code. Make sure you have lots of seats for those that may need it and have a shady area for people to congregate prior to the ceremony. Have plenty of water on hand if the weather is hot to make sure that your guests stay hydrated. Keep some tropical scented sunscreen on hand for guest who need to slip, slop and slap!

Food and beverage

Having “frozen” or cold canapes is a great way to get the reception started. Think colourful shaved ice cones and icy cocktails (think mojitos, margaritas and crushed ice drinks). Bonus: A great idea is to give out adult versions of ‘spiders’ or soft drink floats- spoon a ball of fruity sorbet or gelato, or simply place an entire fruit posicle- stick and all-  into a glass and top it off with champagne. Keep the menu light (think seafood, salad and fruit) to ensure your guests will feel satisfied.

The Ceremony and Reception

Keep the ceremony as short as possible if guests are standing in direct sunlight. If possible, have large fans circulating, and hand out sun hats/ hand-held fans/ sunglasses. Some reception venues also have misters that sound out streams of- you guessed it, mist- that they are able to turn on to keep guests cool. Take advantage of the season and revel in the natural decoration on offer- flowers, lush greenery, and bodies of water. Your decoration can afford to be a little more pared back with so much else going on. Consider simple pieces, combined with a small number of statement pieces, such as lanterns, garlands or torches and candles.