Cut Wedding Costs with These Tech-Savvy Tools

The average price of an Australian wedding is $36 200, according to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, and many industry insiders suggest that the price is significantly higher. With expenses like that, it’s little surprise that couples are looking for ways to reduce their wedding bill. Can technology be the answer to more affordable weddings?


Save the Date

Many paper versions unfortunately just end up in the bin, so send it digitally and avoid expensive printing costs (and having to pay for those magnets so they’ll stick onto the fridge!). More and more people run their lives online, and with an electronic save the date, your guests can immediately add it to their virtual calendar.


Online registries allow you to select gifts that you like from certain stores, but with websites like and, you can combine all your different registries in one place. This improves your organisation and it means your guests just have to visit one site when they’re looking to buy you a gift.

Wedding Website

Don’t rack up huge phone bills talking to all your guests, rather upload all your wedding details onto your personal, purpose- made wedding website. This should prevent you from having to repeat the same information to countless guests. From hotels to transport, everything your guests need to know can be uploaded on your website.


Social Media

Are you having a last-minute delay because of a thunderstorm? Have you got a flat tyre on your way to the venue? You can create different chat groups and quickly, simply and cheaply convey information to a whole group of people.

Wedding Planner

Of course they can help to make your life significantly easier, but if you’re concerned about costs then you’ll be pleased to know that there are electronic versions available. Check out our own snazzy wedding planner, and you’ll have all the details of your wedding in the palm of your hand. With these apps you can organise, budget, schedule and plan all the details of your wedding, while saving yourself money.


A significant expense at a wedding is the professional photographer. We’re not suggesting you do away with them completely, but rather that you reduce the length of time they’re at your wedding, which will shrink their bill. Use the professional for your portraits, and then rope in your friends and family for the rest of the wedding. There are countless apps, like WedPics and Eversnap, where your guests can use their smart phones to take photos, and then in real time they can upload them to your online wedding album. Because many of these pictures are taken by friends, the results are often more natural and fun.

Videos and Live Streaming

Some of your guest may not be able to attend your wedding, so a great idea is to live stream the events to them, this way they’re still part of your event. I Do Stream is one example of a video streaming website that allows you to connect online. You may also decide to save your funds by shortening the time spent with your videographer, and incorporating the GoPro that’s been gathering dust in your cupboard. Embed it into your bouquet so others get to see the wedding from your perspective. Another way to stick to your budget is by creating your own DIY wedding video through a site like

The Music

When a band performs their music it’s guaranteed to get your guests on the dance floor, but it also comes at a cost. For brides on a budget there is another option. Just about everyone has an iPod and a big library of music, which means that you can compile your own wedding playlist for different moments during your wedding. You know what music you want to hear, and you can ask guests for music suggestions ahead of time. Though we suggest having a band or DJ during the more important moments of the wedding – the ceremony and first dance, for example-to ensure you don’t run into any music malfunctions, for the bride on a budget, a simple playlist might do the trick. After all, an inexhaustible selection of songs will keep your guests dancing for the entire night!



This is your way of saying thank you to your guests, but quite often favours are forgotten at the venue or thrown away. Instead of spending money buying 150 bottle openers, pot plants or jars of honey, a new and cheaper trend is digital favours. Whether you choose an app, song, movie, ringtone, game or eBook, give your guests a card with instructions on how they can download their free gift from the Internet.

Technology is keeping pace with how weddings are evolving, and this means that thrifty, modern couples can use technology to stay in control of their planning, and more importantly, cut costs while still having the wedding of their dreams.