Avoiding Finicky Organisational Problems

With all the detail that goes into wedding planning, it’s incredibly easy to get the short end of the stick s a wedding- neophyte. We’ve created a list of essential tips that should be applicabel to just about every service used throughout your planning process. Kiss being potentially duped, aggravated, or misundertood goodbye, and say hello to controlled and worry-free planning!

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  • Always get everything in writing and where possible, a contract should be drawn up. If you’re dealing with a reputable business, you will find that this is often standard procedure. Remember not to assume anything and always read the fine print and terms and conditions. Do not sign anything until you full understand what you are signing for. If you see any loopholes, enquire about them, and if possible, have another piece of writing signed that states that the outcome the loophole allows won’t talke place.
  • Photocopy all of these documents, in case of some sort of emergency or worst-case-scenario.
  • Ask about cancellation policies. What happens if you wish to cancel a service you have booked? Will there be fees involved?
  • When dealing with wedding caterers or reception centres, find out if there are extra fees for things such as set-up and clean-up. Do not be afraid to ask about charges for cake cutting, coat rooms and corkage fees. All costs should be itemized in the contract and request that no additional fees are to be added after these fees have been agreed upon.
  • Always find out about overtime fees. Whether this is for your wedding reception venue, transport or any other service on the day – you do not want to be slapped with an unexpected bill! Play it safe and find out what options you have if your wedding runs overtime.
  • Be cautious of a deal that seems too good to be true. If you shop around and do your homework, you should have a general idea of how much a certain item or service should cost. If you find an offer that is suspiciously cheap, don’t be afraid to ask why.
  • Double bookings can sometimes happen, particularly during peak wedding seasons. If you know that another wedding is booked for the same day in the same room as yours, be sure that you specify your exact time – from which hour to which hour you require the room. Remember to allow for enough time to clean-up between weddings.
  • For many commodities that will need to be physically bought and prepared, such as bombonieres, accessories, jewellery, decorations, etc,  there are cheap deals to be found online. Try to plan ahead as early as possible, and put in the time to research. You could end up saving hundreds of dollars.