Deciding what to put on your tables at your wedding can often become one of those jobs that get put off

This can be because you;

1. have no idea where to start
2. have more important decisions to make
3. would rather spend the money on something else…
The team at Bride Online have come across this super chic and inexpensive way for your tables to be decorated with a minimal feel whilst still looking chic and also being functional (tick! tick! tick!)
Since we are all about ticking boxes, saving money (but looking like we haven’t) we present you with our favourite table decorations so far for 2012… the table number in letters!
In the picture above you can see this couple has used words to describe their tables (love, hope etc etc) However we like the idea of spelling out the numbers or even destinations (places the couple are from, have been to or love) You get the idea!
So, if you are looking for an effective table decoration that is chic, cute, functional and also cheap then look no further than your local stationary store or craft shop to create your table decorations!