6 on trend bridesmaid dresses for under $400!

Gone are the days of hideous bridesmaid dresses! There is absolutely no reason why your bridesmaids shouldn’t want to wear any of these dresses again. The great thing is they are off the rack so there is no need to run around to multiple fittings and deal with weight loss (or gain) and there is more chance your bridesmaids will wear these frocks again… making the spend even easier to justify… oh and there is always the chance you will find it on sale!
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1 exclusively bridesmaids – Arienne $375.00
2. exclusivley bridesmaids – Sienna $349.00
3. french connection -Wendy dress $249.00
4. honey and beau- Voloptui frock $169.00
5. cooper street -Prom frock $169.00
6. betsey jonson- Mille Feuille $378.00 (available from modcloth.com)