10 Wedding Questions You Didn't Know to Ask

You must keep up with so many details when you’re planning a wedding, and you may not even know what questions you should ask.

Maybe you don’t know the right way to cut the wedding cake or don’t want to be rude to your guests during the reception. Luckily, we’ve gathered a list of 10 wedding questions you didn’t know you’d be asking about as you plan your wedding.

1. Can the Wedding Party Eat While Getting Ready?

If you’re doing hair and makeup right away in the morning, you don’t want your wedding party to be hungry. You can provide snacks before everyone gets spruced up, so no one has any smeared lipstick or lingering crumbs on their wedding attire. Brunch foods like mimosas and waffles are a fun option for bridal parties.

2. How Does the Wedding Party Get to the Reception?

Some wedding venues double as the ceremony and reception area, so transportation isn’t a problem. But when the reception is at a different location, you must arrange rides and parking for everyone or tell your wedding party they need to drive themselves. Suggest carpooling and provide them with directions for the fastest route.

3. What Gown Will Be Flattering on Me?

When you are dress shopping before the wedding, you may not know which dress shapes and cuts complement your figure best. You might like a ballgown style, but a mermaid shape may be more flattering.

According to a survey by Wedding Wire, 60 percent of wedding guests say the bride’s dress is one of the details they care most about. If you don’t know how to dress for your body type, you can ask your bridal consultant or the workers at the bridal boutique which style will highlight your best features.

If you are still not sure, take a look at our guide on ‘how to choose your wedding dress‘.

4. Where Does the Engagement Ring Go During the Ceremony?

You can choose to wear your engagement ring during the ceremony, although you may want to switch it from your right hand to the left, so you can wear it with your wedding band. Some people choose to let their maid or matron of honor hold it during the ceremony, and then they put it on before the reception.

5. Who Lifts the Bride’s Veil?

Although veil trends are changing, many weddings still have a set pattern to put the veil aside. Usually, whoever gives away the bride will lift it at the altar. Sometimes the bride lifts her veil when she gets to the altar. Another tradition is for the groom to lift the veil right before the first kiss.

6. Can You Store Wedding Gifts Securely?

Unfortunately, wedding crashers can attempt to steal gifts from weddings. If your wedding is large and many people can walk past the gift table, you may want to assign someone the responsibility of keeping the gifts safe as a gift attendant. They can take the presents to a secure room after guests have had the chance to put them on a table or hand them to the married couple. You can also ask guests to mail the gifts to your home instead and avoid a gift table altogether.

7. What’s the Correct Way to Do the Cake Cutting?

The cake is traditionally cut after the bride and groom have eaten, but feel free to choose a different order. Some couples cut a few pieces at the start of the reception, in case guests need to leave early. Have the DJ or another person announce the cake cutting, so your guests can watch. If your cake has tiers, you can cut a piece from the bottom tier and feed each other a bite.

8. Is There a Right Way to Greet Wedding Guests?

A receiving line is one way the bride and groom greet their guests, but this requires a lot of standing for everyone. The newlyweds can make their way from table to table during the reception, so they can go at their own pace. Speeches also allow you to thank everyone for coming and make special addresses to those who helped most with the wedding.

9. How Should the First Kiss Go Down?

While you want to keep the first kiss appropriate, you also want to enjoy your first smooch as a married couple. You don’t have to make it cold or quick, but don’t make your guests uncomfortable either. Make it a special moment that is natural for you and your partner.

10. Can I Ask My Photographer for Certain Poses?

According to a 2015 wedding survey, 90 percent of the couples hired a professional photographer for their ceremony and reception. If you’ve hired someone, be sure to communicate with them about what you want in advance.

You might not be able to remember the poses you have in mind during all the busyness. Gather a list of poses beforehand and give it to your photographer. This way, you can avoid any disappointment when you get the pictures back.

Be Prepared for Your Wedding

Although weddings have traditions, you can also do things your own way. If you want to cut your cake in the middle of the meal or greet your guests differently, you can.

These 10 wedding questions will help you get a handle on the things you want to include to make your celebration special. Ask your wedding planner or consultant more questions, too, so you can have a special ceremony and fun reception you’ve always dreamed of.