7 Tips for Taking Your Best Bridal Selfie

Happy Asian newlyweds on wedding celebration

While we live in a culture in which snapping photos has become an everyday activity, weddings are still in a league of their own. Unless you’re a celebrity or model, chances are you’ll never get photographed as much as you will on your wedding day. Even with professional photographers on the job, there’s nothing like a few behind-the-scenes selfies to capture little moments of the day.

Here are seven tips for taking your best bridal selfie.

Find the Good Lighting

Good lighting is the foundation of any great photo. Ideally, you’ll be able to find a nearby window with diffused light or a bathroom with an illuminated mirror. Don’t be afraid to go on an adventure to find the perfect lighting for your selfie.

If you’re planning on snapping quite a few of your own photos, it’s worth investing in a ring light. Otherwise, have a member of your bridal party turn on their flashlight with a piece of paper over the top as a makeshift diffuser and position it face-on.

Prepare for Some Minor Edits

There’s a good chance you’ll have professional hair and makeup done before you snap any photos. Even if you’re feeling the best you’ve ever felt, it’s still common to require a few edits.

Get an app like Facetune to remove background distractions, adjust for any light imbalances, and make your best features pop. It’s better to take a clear, crisp photo than to rely on a filter via Snapchat or Instagram. The goal is to still look like your beautiful self with a little more sparkle.

Add Some Depth

If you have a large bridal party or a big family, you’ll likely want a photo surrounded by your people. If Ellen could make it work at the Oscars, you can make it work at your wedding— all you need is some depth.

Have your people stand in a staggered format, with one slightly behind the other in a diagonal or v-shaped position. You can also (carefully) step onto a chair, stool, or stair to get people behind you. Be sure to turn off any portrait or bokeh settings when using a smartphone for a staggered selfie to avoid blurring anyone in the back. 

Use a Tripod or Stick

While the selfie stick is a controversial tool, it can help you get stability and depth when taking a selfie. It’s also worth having a small, portable tripod that you can set on a table or the ground for stability. 

If you’re trying to take a selfie with your bridal party, friends, or family, and don’t have a stick or enough depth, rely on your friend with the longest arms— just be polite about it.

Use the Timer and Burst

Young ladies photographing feminine bride reading letter on terrace

You’re doing yourself a disservice if you’re not using the timer for your photos. Using a timer isn’t just for setting the phone down and running into a picture; it gives everyone time to prepare and eliminates the need to hold your hand and arm in an awkward position to hit the button.

It’s also worth using the burst feature, so you don’t have to reset and adjust between snaps. Capture a bunch of photos, then go through them all to see which one is best. 

Have a Laugh

Don’t force an awkward smile if it doesn’t come naturally. Instead, have fun and think of funny things to get yourself smiling and laughing. It’s very helpful if a member of your bridal party is “the funny one.” Otherwise, consider your favorite moments from The Office or say a funny word (like quack or bumfuzzle) to spark a natural smile.

Use Some Props

Finally, use some props. Grab your bouquet or a glass of champagne so you have something to do with your hands. If you’re in a group, put your arms around each other or cheers your glasses to add some flow and motion to the image.

With these simple tips, you can take some amazing bridal selfies to help you celebrate and remember your special day.