Livening Up Your Photobooth

Wedding photos are there to remind you of your magical day, long after you’ve forgotten the taste of your cake and how much you laughed at Uncle Dave’s dance moves. You’ll “ooh and aah” at the romantic pictures of you and your partner, and you’ll chuckle at the awkward, posed photos, where you had to stare longingly into each other’s eyes without giggling. But the photos that you’ll undoubtedly love the most, will come from your photo booth.


This wedding trend has become increasingly popular over the years, for obvious reasons: it’s an economical and hugely fun way to keep your guests entertained, and as a bonus you get hilarious, quirky, sweet and downright odd photos of all your guests. Whether you rent your photo booth or create your own, customise it so that it fits in with your wedding theme or personality.

Renting a Photo Booth

If you’re short on time (or motivation) then you can hire the photo booth along with all the props, the camera and the photographer. Ask the company if they personalise the booth by adding your names, a monogram or the wedding date to the backdrop. You can of course contribute your own props if you have specific ideas of what you want.

Creating Your Own Photo Booth

The perks of this option are that it’s a whole lot cheaper and you also create a one-of-a-kind booth. This is what you’ll need:
– Digital camera
– Camera tripod
– Remote shutter release
– Spotlight (if you’re inside)
– Laptop/monitor
– Backdrop
– Props

The Camera Equiptment

Leave the professional photographs to the experts, all you need is your trusty point-and-shoot camera. Attach it to a tripod and use a remote shutter release so that your guests can take photos without having to touch your camera. Lighting is important and you need enough natural light if you’re having an outside wedding, but you’ll need a spotlight or lamp if your wedding is indoors. All your guests will be innately curious to see what their photos look like, so set up a viewing station where your laptop or monitor is connected to your camera. You can ultimately create an online album where everyone can download their crazy pictures.

The Backdrop

It’s time to get creative! Use a large piece of fabric or paper and pin it to your wall or frame, and then decorate it any way you like. You can go wild with paint, glitter, streamers, ribbons, flowers or balloons, or you can keep it simple and stick to your wedding colour. Think about personalising it with your names or using a phrase like: Wedding of the Year.

The Props

The best way to liven up your photo booth is by having a great selection of props, and you’re only limited by your imagination. Search through your own cupboard or buy cheap items from thrift or vintage stores. You can choose to match your theme or you can be as outlandish as you want, but photos work best when you have a wide variety of props available. Here are some ideas:

– Bright cut out lips
– Moustaches
– Oversized glasses
– Hats and gloves
– Eye patches and fake noses
– Bowties
– Musical instruments
– Large ornate photo frames
– Wigs and masks
– Feather boas
– Speech bubbles or small blackboards where guests can write messages

Making Your Photos Fun and Fabulous

Have your photo booth close to the bar, so that your guests can have a drink while they wait their turn. It’s also sure to lead to more, erm, entertaining photos as the night progresses. You can also give your guests some ideas of what to do when they’re in the booth, such as The Look on the groom’s face when he first saw his bride, or what the newlyweds will look like tomorrow morning.

A photo booth is the perfect way to capture the silly side of your wedding, and it provides you with priceless pictures that you will look at and laugh at for years. This might also be your only chance to see your grandmother sporting a moustache while playing a blow up guitar, and your dad in a tiara, earrings and a pink feather boa. Happy snapping!