Honeymoon Glossary

(Courtesy kissmequick.tumblr.com)

Airport tax: This is usually included in the price of your airplane ticket. However, some overseas airports charge this tax separately to the ticket. Many a honeymooning couple has been caught out in the Philippines or another airport, having spent all of their local currency, only to find that they cannot board their flight without handing over cash for the airport tax. Make sure to research every airport you will be flying through and read your ticket carefully to see whether or not you have already paid the airport tax required.

B & B: Abbreviation of ‘Bed and Breakfast’. A small, quaint style of accommodation, which usually involves a room in a cottage, or townhouse, and a home-cooked breakfast. Local B & B accommodation is popular for couples on a ‘mini-moon’ whilst honeymooners in Europe might choose to stay in a B & B for a cosier, more affordable style honeymoon.

Booking confirmation: Any bookings made online will come with a booking confirmation reference code, usually via email. You will need to print this page out and present it at the desk at the airport, hotel and/or car rental office.

Frequent flyer points: The points which are accrued on certain types of credit cards. You may be able to use your points to help pay for your honeymoon airfares or accommodation.

Honeymoon: A short holiday where a newlywed couple getaway to spend some quality time alone, right after the wedding.

Honeymoon cruise: A trip on a cruise liner to the destination of your choice. Many couples enjoy the onboard entertainment and luxurious rooms just as much as they enjoy exploring the tour destination spots.

Honeymoon lingerie: Special, seductive underwear which is reserved for surprising your husband-to-be on your wedding night and honeymoon.

Honeymoon package: A combination of airfares and accommodation with affiliated airlines and resorts, which offer a significant discount to newly-married couples.

Honeymoon registry: A special registry which is set up by an engaged couples whereby wedding guests can choose to help fund the couple’s honeymoon rather than purchasing a wedding gift. Some guests may choose to donate towards the honeymoon fund in addition to purchasing a gift.

Honeymoon suite: Usually one of the most luxurious and expensive rooms in a hotel or resort. This room is reserved for newlyweds and usually has the best view and easy access to the hotel’s facilities. Honeymoon suites book up fast so make sure to plan ahead to avoid disappointment.

Mini-moon: A small honeymoon which is taken by couples who are on a tight budget or have time restraints due to work commitments. A mini-moon is usually taken in a local hotel for a couple of days and then a longer, more official, honeymoon is taken on the couple’s first anniversary.

Traveller’s cheques: Fixed amount cheques, pre-printed in the bride or groom’s name, which can be exchanged into local currency in most countries. These days, Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted, so traveller’s cheques are less commonly taken on honeymoons.

Wedding lingerie: The white undergarments which the bride wears under her wedding dress for the duration of the ceremony and reception. She may choose to wear this lingerie to surprise her husband on the night of their wedding but most brides choose to wear different, sexier lingerie on the wedding night and during the honeymoon.