How to: Buck's Nights

Traditional Buck’s nights seem to be going through a massive change and dare we say, for the better.

Far from the ‘get together and drink a lot’ parties from the past, men are opting for far more exiting options to farewell their

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Adventure sports are currently topping the alternative list of things to do. Buck’s now spend the day or even weekend learning new
skills and then getting down and dirty perfecting them. Dirt bike riding and off road 4×4 courses are getting booked regularly.
This fun adventure will set you a back a few dollars more, but in the end this will be a time you will remember for the rest of
your life.

Another adventure orientated buck’s event that is coming out tops is scuba diving. The groom and his party spend a morning in a
swimming pool feeling awkward and poking fun at each other in wet suits, but they also learn the basic skills of diving. The
afternoon is then set aside for the first open water dive. This is truly a time well spent with mates and you gain a valuable
certificate from a diving institution. Just imagine the stories at the evening’s get together.

The more sporty types arrange for a relay race where the groom is competing against his friends in events that they usually are
terrible at and he has the best chance of winning. Cycling, running and swimming are popular choices. The day is then ended with
a rewards ceremony where prizes are given for the laziest contestant, least body fat percentage and that sort of funny stuff.
This is not a serious affair at all and aimed at being a bit boisterous and having competitive fun like in the old days.

If physical exercise on your buck’s night sounds just completely wrong to you, there is always the Wii console that will gladly
host any vent you want from the ATP tennis world tour to Olympics. For the best results and guaranteed fun, use the largest
screen you can get your hands on or even better – project the images onto a wall and step right into the action gentlemen.

The emphasis change in how bucks celebrate their last few days a single men, seems to bring friends and family together as they
have a bit of fun with their male mate before he gets the noose. Quality fun is by far outstripping booze filled parties that
last as long as the groom can stay on his feet.

Investigate your options and put together a day or even weekend of fun to remember for a lifetime.