Hen's Night Glossary

(Courtesy media-cache.com)

Bar crawl: moving from one bar, club or pub to the next, usually along the same strip or in the same vicinity. This means that all the party guests can walk (or crawl towards the end of the night) to the next bar.

Bridal shower: a small pre-wedding party where the bride’s favourite women gather in a home or restaurant to celebrate the bride and congratulate her on her nuptials. A bridal shower is usually held during the day time and is an appropriate time to invite younger or older women who you do not want to invite to the hen’s night. A bridal shower gift is very different to a hen’s party gift and is usually a household item.

Chink and Drink Game: a fun icebreaker game for hen’s parties where not all of the guests have met before. The rules of the game are as follows:
1. All girls must have a drink in hand,
2. The game host announces a category such as “anyone related to the bride” or “anyone who met the bride in high school”.
3. Any party guest who falls into the announced category must chink their glass with someone else from the category group and then take a sip of their drink.

Gags: gifts which range from a little bit naughty to very obscene. These gifts are given as a joke, to provoke laughter but you would be surprised how often they are actually used on the honeymoon or later. Keep in mind that gags should not make the bride feel too uncomfortable.

Hen’s party: a pre-wedding party held in honour of the bride to celebrate her last couple of weeks of “freedom”. The hen’s party is an opportunity for the bride to go out on the town with her favourite gals and get a bit messy. Male strippers, laughter and lots of alcohol are often involved.

Hen’s t-shirt: a customised t-shirt which the bridal party or all of the hen’s party guests can wear to stand out in a crowd. Hen’s t-shirts are also a good souvenir to remember the evening (even if intoxication has blurred the other memories).

Kitty: a communal finance system to fund the hen’s party. The bride should not have to pay for anything on the hen’s night so the maid of honour needs to be in charge of delegating funds and arranging for each party guest to pitch in towards to the communal kitty before the night.

Naughty gift: a gift which is usually purchased in an adult store. Naughty gifts can include revealing lingerie, whips, feather boas, handcuffs and other R-rated toys.

Nice gift: a gift which reflects the personality of the bride or the gift giver and is given to celebrate the bride and this special time in her life. Nice gifts can include framed photos, journals and hand-crafted items.

Scavenger hunt: a fun game to play out on the town. The game rules are as follows:
1. Party guests are paired up.
2. Each pair must have a phone or camera with video recording capabilities.
3. Pairs are given a list of items to scavenge.
4. Guests must follow each of the instructions on the list such as “Convince a man to take off his shirt for you” or “Serenade a stranger”.
5. Each item on the list must be filmed or photographed as proof.
6. The first team to complete all of the items on the list and return to the game starting point is the winner.

Truth or dare: a game where one party guest asks another guest to choose between telling the truth and performing a dare. If she chooses truth, the first guest can ask her any personal or embarrassing question and she must answer truthfully. If she chooses dare, the first guest suggests a funny or awkward action which the second guest must perform. Dares can be as wacky as “lick the bride’s toenails” or “go next door and propose to the neighbour” but they cannot be illegal or dangerous.

Wedding Dress Game: this game is best played in a house or hotel setting before heading out to a bar. Guests are separated into groups and given a number of rolls of toilet paper. They are then given 10 minutes to create a wedding dress, veil, flowers and accessories from the toilet paper. The dress must be modelled by one of the group members. The group to create the most beautiful dress, in the time allotted, wins.