How to: Reducing Wedding Stress

Let’s be honest: organising a wedding can, at times, be overwhelmingly stressful. We tend to think of weddings as a singularly fantastic experience; ending, of course, with the dreamboat, horse, sunset, and of course, hair (and cleavage) to rival any Disney cartoon. So when we’re in the thick of the planning process and reality doesn’t even approximate our expectations, it’s easy to feel incredulous, overcome and completely defeated by this process. So, how in the world are we supposed to deal with this? The trick, my lovelies, is of course to administer some much needed stress relief regularly and consistently. We’ve come up with a fantastic list of how to not only come out of this thing alive- but even enjoy each step of the process, without exhausting the world’s supply of chocolate!

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Easiest- Ever Methods of Dealing With Stress

Every couple experiences wedding stress and these suggestions will help you deal with it more effectively.

  • Take a long bath by candlelight and soak stress away. Add 1-2 drops of essential oil for some well deserved aromatherapy. Alternatively, Radox is fabulous for tired, achy muscles, and bath bombs are just the ticket to help you feel pampered in a matter of seconds.
  • Sit down and read or watch a movie. Take a break from wedding plans if you are feeling stressed out. A break will help you clear your mind and return to the task fresh and more focused.
  • Get artsy. Whether this means creating an oil-painting masterpiece, colouring with pencils, or even trying out new looks with your makeup, this is a fantastic stress reliever. Engaging the creative side of your brain will allow you to simultaneously zone out and concentrate in a refreshing, different way than you do when making wedding plans. In other words, it creates the space to mentally detatch and get away from stressful planning- related thoughts.
  • Turn on your radio and dance. Naked. But keep your curtains drawn.
  • If you feel like you could just scream, do it- into a pillow. Yell, swear, and do what you’ve got to do to get your frustrations out! Bonus: nobody’s feelings get hurt.
  • Laugh. Laughter helps to come to grips with how little the thing you’re worrying about matters in the grand scheme of things. Revel in how ridiculous wedding planning and stress can get, and think of how this’ll make for a great story down the road.
  • Cry. Sometimes, you just need to get it all out. If (as strange as this sounds), you feel you’d really benefit from a good old sob- fest, but arent able to muster up those first few tears, put on something that’ll help the cause, so to speak. Sad music, movies, and books are great go- tos. One of the most fundamental truths about the relationship between our physiological, emotional and intellectual selves is that crying is just about guaranteed to make you feel better.
  • Do something romantic for your fiancé or something nice for someone else. In a study by nonprofit leader and author Allan Luks, he terms this stress relief the ‘helper’s high’, and maintains that it is one of the fastest and longest lasting natural endorphin (the chemical your brain releases to make you feel great) you can trigger. This can be as simple as sharing your umbrella with a stranger, leaving a kind anonymous note to be found, or surprising a friend with flowers.
  • Get your game face on. Video games, that is. Zone out for a few hours to recharge your batteries.
  • Find a blog you like. It could be based on humour, fashion, travel, DIY, whatever! Get the giggles or get inspired.
  • Take a vacation or road-trip with your fiancé. Spend time together and remember the reason you’re getting married. This also helps your relationship grow stronger.
  • Endorphin releasing exercise! Hit the gym, the road, or a nature trail. Bring a friend to chat with or spend some time in solitude.
  • On a related note, make some time for some Afternoon Delight (or anytime, really). Sex is not only fun, but also sends a wave of endorphins through both you and your partner. Additionally, some self- love has the same effects.
  • Get outside and enjoy the outdoors. Whether you have a ride on a swing, build a snowman, or just potter around in the garden, this will give you a new appreciation for the simpler things and give you some perspective.
  • Sleep. It sounds simple, but few of us get enough sleep. As a result, we end up feeling tired and listless, grouchy and overwhelmed. Sleep can help with your mood, energy and focus.
  • Get all your suppliers’ service agreements in writing, in the form of a standard contract. Spell out exactly what you want and don’t want when you make the bookings. Don’t wait until the wedding day to make major changes. Having your details in writing will give you some peace of mind, and stop you going over and over the internal checklists you’ve created.
  • Learning to delegate is vital, especially the day of the wedding. Put someone else in charge of paying the vendors, moving the guest book from the ceremony to the reception site, double checking with the caterers, or any other small task. Read through your list and assign everything!
  • The week before the wedding, call all your vendors and check the date, time and location with them to verify the correct details. Give a list of their phone number to the person to whom you’ve delegated the specific task in case they don’t show up on the day.
  • Prepare your bride’s emergency kit which should include: extra panty hose, clear nail polish for runs, tissues, pain killers such as panadol or nurofen, spot remover, static cling spray, hemming tape, band-aids, a sewing kit with safety pins. For the groom’s kit include: mouthwash, breath mints, razor, cologne and comb.
  • Even if you are nervous and don’t feel like it, drink water and eat something before the wedding. Have someone pick up a sandwich or veggie tray to share with the bridesmaids. You don’t want to faint before all your friends and family!

And most importantly, try to keep your wedding day in perspective. The most important aspect of it is your getting to marry the love of your life, with your nearest and dearest to celebrate with you. Everything else is extra, nonessential, and items that should inspire your gratitude, not your stress levels.