12 Elegant Hairstyle Ideas For Your Wedding

12 Wedding Hair Style ideas

Most of you tend to focus on the venue, dress, flowers, decorations, and table setups during the wedding planning. But one thing that some people tend to leave for later is their wedding hairstyle! Keep in mind that just like gowns, there are also infinite choices of bridal hairstyles out there, and leaving your decision until the last minute might overwhelm you.

With many bridal hairstyles available, it’s normal to feel clueless about which hairstyle you’d like to have once you walk down the aisle. When choosing your hairstyle, some factors you need to consider may include your comfort, venue’s atmosphere, and wedding theme. But to save you from all the intricate details, this article summarizes some of the top elegant hairstyle ideas which can go well with almost any type of wedding.

So, take your time to scroll through these elegant and stunning bridal hairstyle ideas and see if you find anything that best suits your wedding day. Once you’ve found the best hairdo, you can contact your trusted Brisbane hairdresser and let them help you make your dream bridal hair a reality.

  1. Classic Low Chignon

At the top of the list is the most classic bridal hairstyle of all time, the classic low chignon. For this hairstyle, you simply have to sweep your hair back and pin it to form a low chignon. It’s very easy, and you can use this hairstyle for modern, contemporary, and even rustic-themed weddings. You can also add some hairpieces or even flowers if you’d like or leave it the way it is.

  1. Sleek Bun Topknot

You usually see this hairdo in ballroom events. Or if you know Cinderella, then it’s a bit closer to her hairstyle during her ball dance with her Prince. This hairdo is so versatile that you can use it for any venue. So, tell your hairdresser to sweep everything on top to create a sleek bun topknot and finish it with some hairspray and a few hair accessories.

  1. Long, Smooth Curls

Some brides tend to grow their hair when they know their wedding is coming. So, if you have long tresses to show off on your wedding day, you can simply ask your stylist to apply a frizz-fighting product in your waves to keep it sleek and shiny throughout the wedding ceremony. 

  1. Asymmetrical Twisted Updo

Another chic and elegant option to wear for your wedding day is the asymmetrical twisted updo. Your stylist will have to braid your hair first before finishing it into an updo for this style. This hairdo looks effortless, and it’s very easy to insert some tiny flowers and sparkly hair accessories in it for finishing touches.

  1. Blown Out Curls With One-Side Pin

For brides looking for a glamorous hairdo, you can ask your stylist to give your hair a good blowout and give your curls some volume. Then, once all your curls are done, pin one side with any hair accessory such as a sparkly barrette.

  1. Unique Hair Crown

If you opt for a simple hairstyle, you can leave your short or long hair down and add a unique headpiece fit for your wedding theme. For instance, if you’re having a garden wedding, you can easily wear a flower crown on top of your head. For a fairytale-themed wedding, you can go for a sparkly tiara. Show off your personality through your headpiece.

  1. Messy Bun

Who says a messy bun hairdo is only for a casual day? A messy bun can still manage to look chic and elegant on your wedding day. Usually, this hairdo is best for outdoor weddings and bohemian weddings.

  1. Braid Crown

Another famous bridal hairstyle often used during bohemian and beach weddings is the braid crown. It’s very easy, and you can also add some small flowers on the braid holes to match your hairdo with your bouquet and wedding flower decorations.

  1. Shoulder-Length Beach Waves

From the name itself, this hairstyle is perfect for brides getting married on the beach. You’ll only need to apply a frizz serum to keep your beach waves in place despite the sea breeze blowing during the ceremony.

  1. Pearled Headband

This one is quite similar to a hair crown, but the difference is you’ll be using a headband with pearls. This will look elegant for any hair length as the pearls will make you look extravagant on your wedding day. 

  1. Low Ponytail With Volume

At first glance, this may look low-maintenance, but you can ensure that it exudes high romance once you see your bridal hair on your wedding pictures. This hairdo would also look expensive and classy for brides planning to wear wedding gowns with plunging necklines. 

  1. Fishtail Braids

Everyone, even young girls, are familiar with fishtail braids. It’s a hairstyle that women also have on their prom night. So, for summer and fall season brides who wish to keep their hair out of the way but don’t want to wear it in a full updo, this braid may be perfect for you.

Wrap Up

This list can still go on and on. If you still have other hairstyle ideas in mind, you can freely add them here! For now, let these popular and elegant hairstyle ideas help you towards narrowing down your bridal hair choices and be the most beautiful bride you can ever be.