Groom's Formal Wear Checklist

Do you want to look more dashing than James Bond or Prince Charming at your wedding? Follow this simple guideline to make sure that you’re looking your finest when the big day rolls around.


6 Months to Go

• Start thinking about the suit style you would like to wear. Drop by some formalwear stores and flick through the magazines, or do a quick online search, paying particular attention to the suit cut and shirt style that might suit your and your groomsmen’s body types.

4 Months

• If you’re going to hire your tuxedoes, get busy and head to your local formalwear shop/s. You and the boys should try on a ridiculous number of suits, until you find the style that looks and feels best.

• If you’re buying your suits, head to the tailor, discuss the style that you have in mind, and get measured.

3 Months

• By now, you’ve probably found a suit that you like. Put down a deposit and reserve that baby.

2 Months

• Start looking for all of the bits and pieces to go with your suits – i.e. shirts, ties, cummerbunds, pocket squares, shoes, socks, belts and cufflinks.

2 Weeks

• If you’re having your suits tailor-made, this is probably the time that the tailor will call you in for a final fitting.

• Make sure you, and all of the groomsmen, have everything that you need, accessories-wise.

The Day Before

• If you haven’t already, go and pick up those suits.

The Big Day

• Spend plenty of time attending to the small details of your appearance. Make sure you’ve all had a shave, your socks aren’t inside-out, your ties are neatly adjusted, your shoes are tied, your cufflinks are securely fastened, and that your belts are in all of the loopholes and fastened at the right notch (we don’t want anyone to drop their dacks during the ceremony, and we, likewise, don’t need to see any muffin tops because your best man decided to wear his belt too tight).

• When the florist arrives, have them help you attach your boutonnieres.

• Don’t forget your most dazzling accessory – your smile.