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Dealing with wedding cancellation fallout

Meagan DillIf you’re a regular reader of this blog, you may remember my guilty meltdown a few

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Things That Make You Go 'Uhhhhh, What?'

I do not understandMeagan Dill(Courtesy The couple at the centre of it all, Rachel

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The Internet (And its Trolls) And Your Engagement

Meagan Dill(Courtesy, time for some real talk. When it comes to your wedding,

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The great wedding dress revolution of ‘14

Meagan DillThat settles it: I am officially getting married in pink. One day, anyway, when the

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Knight in shining armour? No thanks, I can save myself.

Meagan DillWhen did romance and independence become mutually exclusive? I can’t be the only one

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Valentine's Day: The 'bleugh' vs. 'squee' dichotomy

Meagan Dill Being a woman is hard. The men in our lives might think they’ve experienced the

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