Your Perfectly Practical Panty Prospectus

You might think that the undies under your dress aren’t that important, but it’s called foundation wear for a good reason: it’s the support system that will make your dress fit perfectly.

When you’re standing in the lingerie department, it’s fairly normal to feel like you’re drowning in a sea of undies, but don’t get your knickers in a knot, we’re here to help you make the perfect panty purchase for your big day.


Different Kinds of Knickers

There’s more to picking panties than simply going for the cute ones. You need to find a style that suits your shape, and you need to feel comfortable wearing it. If you’re a full brief kinda gal, then a G-string on your wedding day is going to feel like unpleasant derrière dental floss – and you just don’t need that extra stress! If you feel that these miniscule morsels of material are obligatory when you get married, you’d be wrong, as there are sexy versions of just about every type of underwear out there. You’re also more inclined to feel confident, if you’re comfortable and fully supported.

Here’s a quick rundown of popular underwear options, but bear in mind that these categories may differ among brands:

–          Bikini – these are the most common choice as they provide a reasonable amount of cover and are easy to wear.

–          Hipsters the waistband is lower than the bikini, but it has a wider side section, while still adequately covering your bottom.

–          G-string – the front has a small triangle of material, and it’s connected to the waistband at the back with a narrow string of fabric. It’s ideal if you like barely-there underwear.

–          Briefs – these sit at your natural waistline and completely cover your rear

–          Boyshorts – this is an easy style to wear as it’s comfortable and seamless – because it sits under your butt cheek.

There are of course many variations on these, such as wide-waistband G-strings, which give you more support, but still provide you with an invisible underwear look. You should also definitely consider shapewear, which helps you to flatten down your bulging bits, and lift up your sagging bits. Select seamless or laser cut undies as they have no seams, and will give you a smooth silhouette.


Just like a bra, you often don’t realise you’re wearing the wrong one, until you put on the right one. Undies that are too big will ride up or roll down, and those that are too tight, well, I have two words for you: muffin top. Find the right size and style for your body and gown, so that it complements you and your dress. The perfect underwear provides you with support, so that your dress sits correctly on your specific body shape.


Gone are the days where you only had black or white underwear, today you have a kaleidoscope of colours to suit any mood. Your favourite pair of panties might be leopard print, but a word of caution to your feral side, only wear these if you are 100% certain that they won’t shine through your wedding dress. Nude is best, as it disappears under a white, or light, dress. Similarly, if you want to wear undies with buttons, ribbons or lace, make sure you can’t see any of these, especially if your dress is on the slinky side.

Working Around Your Wedding Dress

Before you find the right undies though, you first have to find the right dress. Underwear comes in such a dizzying array of styles, shapes and sizes, and each one will look different under your frock. Ask your dress maker for advice on what would work under your outfit, and then bring your undies to your fittings. The wedding lingerie that you choose will be dictated by the style of dress you’ll be wearing.

Sheath or Column

These styles are the most unforgiving, as they cling to every curve, but unfortunately, this means that they also display every lump and bump. Avoid the dreaded VPL – visible panty line – and prevent unsightly bulges, by choosing undies that give you a clean (and enviable!) silhouette. Look for seamless panties and G-strings, or consider wearing pantyhose to smooth any lines. Shapewear is another option as it will slim your thighs and hips, and give your bottom a little boost.

Mermaid, Trumpet or Flair

Women with curves love this style of dress, as it nips and tucks in all the right places, to give you the hourglass figure we all dream of. Because the dress hugs your hips, you have to make sure you can’t see where your undies meet your waist or your bottom. What you need is underwear that puts a bit of junk in your trunk, and something that is high-waisted, to control your tummy. Look for laser-cut – particularly in a G-string style – to prevent all your guests seeing your VPL. Shapewear will also help to slim down your hips and bottom, and smooth over this notoriously troublesome area.

Ball- Gown, A- Line, or Empire

These dresses are popular because they are flattering, and they give you more freedom in the undies department. They usually have a fitted bust and a skirt that flares out, which means you can wear that sexy lace number that you’ve been teasing your fiancé about. You can of course go the other route, and forgo the shaping and sculpting undies, and simply choose something for comfort, as the full skirt successfully hides whatever underwear you put on.


How About the Sexy Wedding Lingerie?

Like most brides, you’ve probably picked panties that are somewhere between industrial-strength control undies, or something a bit more forgiving and a lot more comfortable, but this doesn’t have to be a passion killer for your wedding night. Have a second set of lacy and racy underwear that will fulfil all your new husband’s wildest wishes.

Top Tips For a Pert Posterior

These days it’s not the size of your bottom that will catch someone’s attention, but rather its perkiness. Here are a few dos and don’ts to help you achieve a desirable derrière on your wedding day.


–          Once you’ve found the perfect pair- buy two just in case

–          Check your profile from every angle to make sure you’ve got the perfect fit

–          Get help from your dress maker or bridal consultant

–          Buy the best that you can afford

–          Wear them for a trial run to see how they feel

–          Cotton (or at least a cotton gusset) is more healthy, as it allows your skin to breathe

–          Comfort supersedes sexy on your wedding day

–          Find a matching set for your wedding night


–          Underwear that’s brightly coloured or has bold patterns, will be seen through a sheer dress

–          Buying undies last minute is a bad idea

–          Your underwear shouldn’t be seen – it should be invisible

–          The groom doesn’t need to know if you’re getting some shapewear help

–          You risk being uncomfortable if you put on a style you’ve never tried on before

–          If you wear panties with an elastic edge you risk getting a VPL – rather choose silicone

–          Avoid squeezing into something just because you think that’s what bridal lingerie should look like

There’s no greater boost to your confidence, than perfectly fitted underwear that supports and shapes you in all the right places. Find the undies that make you look and feel good, and walk down the aisle with a satisfied grin, knowing that you’re the only one who knows what you’re wearing under your dress.