How to: Choosing Your Wedding Shapewear

I think we can all agree that one cannot underestimate the power of the almighty undies. Great underwear will not only help shape your body in ways you thought beyond the laws of gravity, but help make your dress sit better, and most importantly, instill you with a sense of newfound sex- appeal, you gorgeous thing. Here’s a guide to essentials of the undie-world.

 Firstly, lets have a look at what’s available to us:

Shapewear- Bodysuit                                  Shapewear- Shorts                               Shapewear- High


                                                                                                                                    Waisted Underwear
( Courtesy                       (Courtesy Spanx)                                  (Courtesy Spanx)

Silicone Strapless Bra                                Silicone Nipple Covering                            Adhesive Bra/ Bra Tape

(Courtesy         (Courtesy               (Courtesy maidenform on amazon)

The Low- Back Bra                                The Convertible Bra                              The Corset

(Courtesy Victoria’s Secret)       (Courtesy   (Courtesy


The U- SHaped Bra                                                                                          The Longline Bra                 

(Courtesy                                                             (Courtesy

Based on the shapes and properties of each of these items, it should be fairly clear what bra should be worn with which dress, generally (e.g. don’t wear a strappy bra with a strappy top when you have the option of wearing a strapless bra). But if you’re still not sure about what might best suit you and your dress, we’ve compiled a list of further helpful hints to ensure the cleanest, most flattering silhouette possible.

For More Finicky Dress Cuts

Plunging Neckline

Wear the ‘U’ Shaped bra, or if it it too low cut for that, have cups sewn into it.

Backless Gown

Like the plunging neckline, this depends on how low the back is. The bra above is, as you can tell, specifically designed for dresses with low backs. If you’re larger- busted and feel the need for more security, consider having a long-line bra sewn into the dress and having the upper back of the bra removed. If you have a smaller- to- medium sized bust, the easiest route to take would be to have cups sewn in. Note: If you’re feeling a little insecure with this option, but know that you’d be able to pull it off, buy a gel- lined bra to be used inside the dress. These are mostly found in strapless bras, where the gel is used for added grip. You can either or additionally use double sided tape (though be sure to use tape whihc is specifically made for bodies, which can be found at most pharmacies and some supermarkets.

Strapless Gown

If the dress fits closely against you waist and bust, sagging shouldn’t be a problem. But sewn in cups can provide even more support (an entire strapless bra will add another unnecessary layer and break up the silhouette).

A Slinky Gown:

Use shapewear to ensure smooth out and imperfections and avoid panty lines. Target what you consider to be your ‘problematic’ areas- if you have bigger thighs or a bigger bum, wear slimming shorts. If your stomach is the your main concern, wear a shapewear singlet or cover-all bodysuit.

Easy Remedies for Common Issues:

  • Small bust: Ask your dressmaker to sew in some padding or a roll of material along the lower seam of inside your cups. This will lift your breasts and give the look of a larger decolletage
  •  Chunkier midriff: A corset is a great option- it will smooth you out and give you a more defined waist
  •  Small behind: Padded underwear has become a huge trend of late, and are perfect for adding instant curves.
  • Saddle Thighs: try wearing shapewear that extends to below your knee- that way you’ll avoid a break in silhouette across your thighs.

General Tips and Tricks

  • Most gown aren’t sheer, so you don’t have to wear white or white- adjacent colours. If in doubt, always favour tan- coloured underwear over white (unless you have milky white skin to rival Michael Jackson, in which white might be a more natural- looking option). If your bodice does happen to be transparent, have some fitting cups sewn into the gown itself.
  •  If your bodice is not transparent, and the cut allows it, opt for a long- line bra. style extends from your bust to your waistline, similarly to a corset. It will accentuate your waist, create cleaner lines, and supports your back more than a normal bra. Many dressmakers will also sew the bra straight into your dress, saving you from the awkward tug- manoeuvre all day long.
  • Don’t worry about splashing out on special shapewear unless your dress is clings to your lower half, such as a sheath, trumpet or mermaid dress.
  • Remember to have someone on hand to help you get into any particularly tricky underwear on your wedding day (and hopefully taking the underwear off will be a much faster task!).