Bonbonniere FAQs


What are bonbonnieres?

Bonbonnieres are the favours or gifts given to the wedding attendees. They are usually given at the reception as a way of thanking everyone for coming to the celebration.

 Why are bonbonnieres given?

The tradition of giving gifts to wedding guests originated in France. Originally, small boxes of sweets were given to guests at all sorts of celebrations, not just weddings. However, these days, bonbonnieres are given as a nice gesture, especially to thank guests who may have travelled a long way to attend the wedding.

What is commonly given as a bonbonniere?

Bonbonnieres are usually a small token that reminds guests of the bride and groom. It may be a small gift in line with the style of the wedding such as a flower or cakes iced with frosting of the same colours as the wedding colour scheme. It could also be a small box of the bride and groom’s favourite lollies or hard boiled lollies with “just married” stamped on. If you’re really stuck for ideas, white Jordan almonds are always a popular choice.

What are Jordan almonds?

They’re sugar coated almonds. White Jordan almonds are usually given at weddings but other colours can be given to match the colour scheme of the wedding. It is said that the bitter flavour of the almond and the sweetness of the sugar are combined to represent the bittersweet nature of married life. Five almonds are traditionally given as bonbonnieres to represent health, wealth, long life, fertility and happiness.


How should a bonbonniere be presented?

Bonbonnieres are usually presented in small boxes, satchels or organza bags. Organza bags are stylish and affordable but are transparent so, if you don’t want your guests to peek at their gifts before they get home, you might want to spend a little more on some nice boxes or bags.

How much should we spend on bonbonnieres?

There aren’t really any set rules on bonbonniere budgets. It is really dependent on the value you place on bonbonnieres and the number of guests you have. As a rule of thumb, 10% of your wedding budget should be set aside for miscellaneous expenses and bonbonnieres usually come out of this amount. DIY bonbonnieres are always a low cost option or you can find cute little gifts from some of our stockists for as little as $1 or $2 each.

What can I give as a bonbonniere without breaking my tight budget?

If your budget is already stretched to the limit, a slice of wedding cake to take home is always a nice gesture and is perfectly acceptable as a bonbonniere. Five Jordan almonds in a simple organza bag for each guest are also a very affordable bonbonniere option.

We don’t really want to give sweets as bonbonnieres. What can we give our guests that will last a bit longer?

If sweets aren’t really your thing, other popular bonbonnieres are carved soaps, scented candles, small plants, personalised pens and other stationery, framed photos or cute bottle openers. All this really depends on is your imagination!


Should we keep the bonbonnieres within the theme and colour scheme of the wedding?

The beauty of bonbonnieres is that they can be whatever you want. If you want them to match your colour scheme and theme, they will look great on the guests’ tables. If you are sick of looking at the colour scheme, you can give gifts that are representative of your partner’s and your personalities. Sweets of any colour in transparent bags will blend into the celebratory atmosphere of the reception, even if they don’t match the colour of the tablecloth. It is completely up to you. If you feel that your appreciation towards your guests is best shown in colours other than your theme colours, go for it!

Do we HAVE TO give bonbonnieres to our guests?

This is a much debated question and it is completely up to you and your groom. They are a nice gesture and many guests would like to go home with a small token to remember your special day but if you feel that they are not necessary for your wedding, or that your budget simply doesn’t permit them, do not feel obligated to give bonbonnieres.

When should the bonbonnieres be given?

Bonbonnieres are usually presented at the reception. They can be left on the table with each place card or handed out at the door as guests are leaving. If you would like to give a speech and thank all of your guests for coming, the bonbonnieres can also be presented as the cake comes out. Again, this depends on your personal preference and the style of your wedding reception.

Can we give bonbonnieres that we can enjoy with the guests at the reception?

Of course! Many newlyweds feel saddened by the fact that their guests took their bonbonnieres home and they weren’t able to enjoy the gifts with them at the reception. If there are kids attending the reception, ribbon wands are a good bonbonniere which will keep them entertained while the adults are celebrating. They can enjoy playing with the ribbon wands on the dance floor and then take them home with them at the end of the night. Bubbles, confetti, party poppers and sparklers make great bonbonnieres (or parts of a bonbonniere) for adults and children and they look fantastic in photographs, too.