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7 Ways To Make Your Wedding Entourage Stand Out

As you decide on the venue, dress, and decorations for your wedding, you shouldn’t forget your wedding entourage. They’re the ones who’ll help you with your wedding preparation and allow your wedding day to look fantastic. While getting them to wear traditional dresses and suits is standard, giving them a chance to stand out on […]

12 Elegant Hairstyle Ideas For Your Wedding

12 Wedding Hair Style ideas Most of you tend to focus on the venue, dress, flowers, decorations, and table setups during the wedding planning. But one thing that some people tend to leave for later is their wedding hairstyle! Keep in mind that just like gowns, there are also infinite choices of bridal hairstyles out […]

5 Effortless Ways To Organize A Fancy Wedding 

Your wedding will be one of the most memorable and magical days of your entire life. With that said, you probably want it to look and feel as fancy as possible. After all, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event, and you should be able to make the most out of it.   As you plan your fancy wedding, […]

5 Creative Bridal Bouquet Ideas To Steal

For many people around the world, their wedding was the best day of their lives. Brides and bridegrooms tend to owe this praise to beautiful decor, well-chosen colour schemes, cakes that tell stories, and many other intricate details that make weddings memorable. The look of a wedding and the details surrounding it evokes wonderful memories, […]

5 Ways To Make Your Virtual Wedding Extra Special

Due to the pandemic, many social restrictions are put in place to curb the spread of the virus, especially in Australia. In essence, face-to-face activities and travelling are highly discouraged. Gatherings, even if allowed, are still limited to a small number of guests only. For brides who have planned out their wedding for years, this […]

Best Melbourne Wedding Venues for 2021

Best Melbourne Wedding Venues for 2021 As Melbourne Wedding venues begin to re-open their doors, there will no doubt be some reshuffling to accommodate those that missed their big day. If you haven't locked in a venue, here are some of the best locations for 2021. We interviewed dozens of newlyweds to deliver you a [...]

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The Ivory Elsternwick

The classic romantic venue features exquisite Georgian architecture and is perfect for a formal seated dinner coupled with a dance floor.

Forever Dance

Learn to dance for your wedding at Forever Dance It's your special day and you want memories that will last forever. A Wedding dance is a chance to capture the

All Things Girlie Hair & Makeup Artistry

A fun and professional team with over 15 years experience in creating stunning, flawless, and memorable brides. From natural to dramatic, we will achieve the look you desire.

Makeup by Stephanie Jane

Makeup by Stephanie Jane is a Melbourne bridal makeup business, led by adventure-loving Stephanie; a talented Makeup Artist with 15 years of experience.

Sugar Blue Burlesque

Sugar Blue Burlesque Glamorous Vintage style hen's nights

Brighton Savoy Hotel

Enjoy the perfect beach wedding with Brighton Savoy Weddings. The magical picture perfect wedding event promises a stunning wedding album.