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One of the most important decisions is your wedding venues as it will set your wedding date & the vibe for the day. Getting a good deal on that venue is even better!


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Exotic Decor Ideas for Your Tropical-Inspired Wedding

Planning your wedding is a fun and exciting process, especially when you’re just getting started You get to make the decisions you’ve been waiting for, like where your venue will be and what your dress is going to look like. One thing you may spend a long time considering is what your decor will be. […]

Coachella Inspired Beach Wedding

Coachella was our initial inspiration. We wanted the two days to feel like a festival, a celebration. To be honest we didn’t want anything to feel like a Wedding, initially, we both weren’t even interested in having a cake.  It had to be outdoors and natural. We were actually matched together by a mutual friend […]

We Didn’t Meet On Tinder

We met in a rather non-romantic yet in recent times, a fairly common way – through an online dating website (not Tinder!). We do like coming up with ridiculous stories when people ask though, that’s always a fun one! More interesting and better than the real story, we like to think. How did he propose? […]

An Amazing Melbourne Wedding

Melbourne wedding couple Darshy  & Aurnen met through mutual friends about 8 years ago. I remember how funny and smart he was. That’s what drew me to him. Darshy and Aurnen have shared their amazing melbourne wedding photos were m”He decided to propose while re-doing our first proper date. Which was dinner at Squires Loft and a walk […]

10 Wedding Questions You Didn’t Know to Ask

You must keep up with so many details when you’re planning a wedding, and you may not even know what questions you should ask. Maybe you don’t know the right way to cut the wedding cake or don’t want to be rude to your guests during the reception. Luckily, we’ve gathered a list of 10 […]

Stunning Sydney Harbour Bridge Wedding Shoot

A Sydney Wedding Venue with Spectacular Views Alex and Troy wanted classic styling, and their Sydney Wedding venue needed only minimal decorations given its spectacular views. Alex had envisioned a gold and white style but added in navy blue to warm the palette on advice from my decorator and was so glad she did! How […]

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Victoria Park

Celebrate your special day at Award Winning Victoria Park.

Linton Gardens

Linton gardens Central Coast Premier Wedding Reception


Multi award winning Restaurant Reception in the heart of the Yarra Valley. The Italian custom the the 'shared table' brings friends and family together for an unforgettable experience.