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Wedding Films. YOUR Love Story

It's the biggest day of your lives. The icing of the cake on your precious Love Story so far. And it's only going to happen once. A unique event for you both.

Mirror Films wants you to be sure you can count on us to capture all of your day. The nerves, the laughter, the tears, the love and that moment. The one that every video has that can't be captured any other way.

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It's the one that has no words, that gives you butterflies, tears of joy spring forth as you watch yourselves fall deeper in love right there in front of... yourselves.

You are the mirror, the reflection of your love for each other, the moment and the endlessness of it all.

Mirror Films gets it. This is it, your Love Story.

Aside from shooting your wedding, we use your precious past memories, photographs, videos and interviews with you both to enhance your magical story.

With 20 years experience in TV, sport, corporate and wedding shooting, we can provide you with a stunning, vibrant, emotional and heart-felt movie that you will truly cheirsh forever.

Love in sunset, Mirror Films, Wedding Videographers, SEQ & Byron

"Out of all the things I have shot, Weddings are my favourite genre. I connect with the emotion of your day and it makes my heart sing!

Please consider Mirror Films for your day. We'd be so happy to shoot your wedding.

Every wedding is 'hand-crafted'. We spend extra care shooting and editing your wedding. We are not a sausage factory, 'time is money' company. We do what it takes to get the job done with our expert skills in squeezing every last drop of subtlety and meaning out of every moment in your film.

We strive to do the best by you.

Thank you for reading."

Dale Roberts
Director, Mirror Films.


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