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Natural, candid, artistic

We're a small, creative team. We're not a big company. We all have filmmaking backgrounds, and we put a lot of love and care into our art. We don't shoot to formulas, but treat every wedding as unique.

We want the videos we create for you to reflect who you and your partner are, and who your family and friends are. We don't want to make you into anything you're not.

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What we do well is capture natural, honest, candid moments. That's our main thing. We shoot in a fly-on-the-wall style, and we feel we do this better than any other company in Australia. We also specialise in producing detailed 5-, 15- and 25-minute short films in place of 2-hour documentaries.

Our clients tend to be couples who want something more artistic and beautiful than a traditional wedding video, but who favour unposed, unstaged work.

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Please browse our portfolio. Do you get an emotional reaction from our films? Do you connect with how we've told the story of the couple? Do you feel like you were there, or like you know them? Can you imagine your own wedding being filmed in the same way?

If our work speaks to you, if our style is the right fit for who you are as a couple, simply drop us an email and let's go from there. Best wishes with your wedding planning!


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