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Wedding present ideas and gift registries in Australia

Make no mistake, one of the big dilemmas your guests are going to face is coming up with a great wedding gift idea. A wedding gift registry makes their lives easy and helps you get what you need. Not all registries cover all types of gifts and presents, some specialise; so choose carefully. There are even some wedding gift registries - wedding wishing wells that allow cash to be given as a gift in case you run out of creative wedding gift ideas!

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Registry Etiquette: The Dos and Don'ts

Registry Etiquette: The Dos and Don'ts

Because when was etiquette ever straightforward? Weddings can be a minefield of traditions, taboos and tough-talking grandmothers who disapprove of the more modern aspects of your wedding. .


All About Gifts and Registries

Traditional Anniversary Gifts

According to longstanding tradition, gifts made out of specific materials are exchanged between you and your partner on each significant anniversary. These gifts are given every year for the first 15 years of marriage, and every 5 years afterwards. Voila! Your anniversary shopping list is sorted for (just about) forever!

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Wedding Registry FAQs

What do I need to include in my wedding registry? Although this varies from person to person, depending on your specific needs, personality, and taste, it’s always a good idea to include practical items. The choices should be made by you and your fiancé, but bear in mind that you're...

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Wedding Registry Glossary

Additional Charges: These are any services the hired company did not include in their original/ basic agreement, but are charging you for. These could be caused by numerous factors depending on...

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Wedding Registries: The Basics

As per the wedding registry’s rich history, the bride’s family would contribute a dowry of homemaking items (linens, china, and silverware) for a groom’s family’s piece of land. Today, registries...

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How to: Set Up Your Wedding Registry

Deciding what to put on your wedding registry is one of the most exciting tasks of planning your wedding, as it’s the first tangible glimpse you have into married life with...

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