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Flowers Checklist

The right flowers can add a magical element to any wedding. Finding the right florist, and executing the final arrangements right through to perfection, are easily achieved with a little research and careful planning. There’s no need to feel overwhelmed by the process, if you follow this simple timeline.


One Year to Go

• If you’re super organised and already have your wedding theme and colour schemes picked out, you have the opportunity to drop by your florist’s and take a squiz at the type of flowers that will be in season at the time of your wedding.

• This is the time to start sourcing florists if you’re having a destination wedding.

9 Months

• Start consulting florists, especially if you’re tying the knot during spring or summer (peak season).

• Gather photos, colour swatches, bridesmaid dress fabric, photos of the venue, flower cuttings from grandma’s garden, and any other bits and pieces that will provide inspiration for your florist.

• For those having a destination wedding, you should, ideally, book your florist now and get down to planning – prepare yourself for plenty of email correspondence and perhaps even some Skype calls.

6 Months

• Make up your mind and choose your florist.
• Put down your deposit and start making formal arrangements with your florist at a second consultation.
• If you’re having a destination wedding and want to export flowers from Australia to the venue, look into the country’s import/export laws and go about filing the appropriate paperwork.

4 Months 

• Finalise your flowers and settle on a final price. You may have to pay an additional instalment if your final quotation is dramatically different from the initial quotation.

• Make sure that your contract clearly states the due date for your final payment as well as any extra fees, such as delivery or tax.

• Discuss how to go about preserving your bouquet, if you are planning on doing so.

2 Weeks

• The majority of florists require the final down-payment one to two weeks before the wedding. Check your contract for details.

• Make sure that your florist has a floor plan of the venue and a clear idea of where all the floral arrangements are to be displayed.

The Day Before

• Arrange for the maid of honour, or another member of the bridal party, to take your bouquet home from the reception and have it preserved, if you would like to keep it as a memento.

The Big Day

• Greet your florist, as they deliver your flowers to your dressing room, and try to contain your ecstasy as you see your bouquet for the first time (this especially applies to bride’s who have a curling iron in their hair or a make-up artist with brush poised within the facial region).

• Make sure everyone’s corsages, hair flowers and bouttonnieres are fastened properly.

• Take a whiff of those beautiful buds and take a look in the mirror, holding your bouquet.

• Walk down the aisle and show off that gorgeous bouquet to all of your guests.

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