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Popular Flowers Varieties


Considering how important one's decor is to one's wedding- and in turn, how important a part flowers are for one's decor- it's in every bride's best interest to know exactly what flowers they'll have available to them on their big day. We've organised a list of the most popular wedding flowers (both Australian and indigenous) so you can plan months in advance, and get an exact idea of what you'll want on yor big day. Floral decor, sorted! 


Botanical name:

Amaranthus, love-lies bleeding (molten torch)


Green, red

Jan -April


Botanical name:

Celosia (Amaranthaceae.fam)


Red, orange, yellow


Jan-Feb, May-June


Botanical name:

Cockscomb,Celosia (Amaranthaceae.fam)


Red, yellow, orange




Botanical name:



White, pink, red, lemon, mauve, purple, yellow,




Botanical name:



Red, green, white, pink, yellow, orange




Botanical name: Protea

Varieties:  Pink mink, white mink, pink ice, king, queen, princess, honey, mini protea

Colours:Pink, white, green, honey-brown

Availability: Jan-June


Botanical name: Pussy Willow

Colours: Brown/white

Availability: Jan- Mar, June- July


Botanical name: Red hot pokers

Colours: Red, orange

Availability: Jan- June

Botanical name: Siam tulip

Colours: White/lime green, soft pink, hot pink

Availability: Jan-Feb, April



Botanical name: Bird of Paradise

Colours: Orange/ purple

Availability: Feb-October


Botanical name:

Tulip, parrot tulip (tulipa species)

Colours: white, green, red, pink, purple, orange, yellow & more.

Availability: Feb-Nov, March

Botanical name: Cattleya Orchid

Colours: Red, hot pink, pink, white, purple, yellow

Availability: March- May


Botanical name: Cymbidium Orchid

Colours: Pink, orange, red, yellow, green, white

Availability: March- August


Botanical name: Nerine

Colours: Hot pink

Availability: March-May,5551


Botanical name: Stock

Colours: White, purple, pink

Availability: March-Nov


Botanical name: Hyacinth

Colours: White, pink, hot pink, purple, lilac

Availability: April-Oct


Botanical name: Apple blossom

Colours: White, pink

Availability: May-Sept


Botanical name: Geralton wax

Colours: Pale pink, hot pink,white, red

Availability: May-Oct


Botanical name: Goddess lily

Colours: Green

Availability: May-Oct


Botanical name:


Green, yellow


May- Sep



Botanical name: Cyclamen

Colours: Hot pink, pale pink, white

Availability: June- September


Botanical name:

Daffodil, Narcissus

Colours: Yellow




Botanical name: Gardenia

Colours: White

Availability: Jan, June-August


Botanical name: Jonquil

Colours: White, lemon

Availability: Jun-Sept


Botanical name: Poppy

Colours: Red, orange, yellow, pink, white

Availability: Jun-Sept


Botanical name: Rhododendron
Colours:  Pale pink,white, hot pink
Availability: Jun-Oct

Common name: Snow drop (Galanthus nivalis)
Colours: White
Availability: June- August 

Botanical name: Sweet pea

Colours: white, soft pink, hot pink, purple, lilac

Availability: June -Jan

Common name: Wax flowers
Colours:  Pink, purple, white
Availability:  June- March


Botanical name: Blushing Bride

Colours: White/soft pink

Availability: July-Sept


Botanical name: Forget-me-not, Myosotis

Colours: Blue

Availability: Jan, Jul-Sept


Botanical name: Love in the mist

Colours: Blue

Availability: Jan, Jul-Sept


Botanical name: Miniature rose

Colours: white, lilac, red, orange, peach, cream, yellow, lemon, soft pink, hot pink

Availability: Jul-March


Botanical name: Waratah

Colours: Red

Availability: Jul- Sept



Botanical name: Arum lily

Colours: White

Availability: May, Aug-Nov


Botanical name: Pin cushion

Colours: Red, orange, yellow

Season availability: Feb, Aug-Dec


Botanical name:Helleborus

Colours: Red/purple, green, white spotted crimson

Availability: Aug-Jan



Botanical name: Amaryllis, belladonna lily, naked ladies

Colours: pink, red

Availability: Sept-Nov

Botanical Name: Anemone (Ranunculaceae.fam)

Colours: White, pink, purple, red

Availability: Sept- Nov

Botanical Name: Osmanthus
Availability: August- December

Botanical Name: Pelargonium
Colours: Pink, purple, orange, red, white
Availability: September- May

Botanical Name: Gymea lily (Dianthus species)

Colours: Red

Availability: Jul, Sept-Feb


Botanical name: Phalaenopsis Orchid

Colours: White, soft pink, pink

Availability: Sept- Dec


Botanical name: Ranunculus

Colours: White, soft pink, hot pink, orange, red, yellow

Availability: Sept- dec



Botanical name: Allium (Liliaceae.fam)

Colours: Lilac, white, purple,

Rose pink.

Availability: Oct-Jan

Botanical name: Calla lily (Zantedeschia species)

Colours: Purple, pink, red, orange, yellow

Availability: Oct-Jan

Botanical name: Larkspur(Consolda species)

Colours: Pink, white, purple, lilac

Availability: Oct-Feb


Botanical name: Lilac(Syringa vulgaris)

Colours: Purple, lilac

Availability: October


Botanical name: Lily of the Valley

Colours: White

Availability: October

Botanical name: Peony rose (Paeonia)

Colours: White, hot pink, soft pink

Availability: Oct-Nov

Botanical name: Queen Annes lace

Colours: White

Availability: Oct- Jan

Botanical Name: Water lily(Nymphaea)

Colours: pink, yellow, lilac, purple

Availability: Oct- March



Botanical Name: Agapanthus, African lily.

Colours: Lilac, purple, white

Availability: Nov-Feb


Botanical Name: Bouvardia

Colours: Red, white, pink

Availability: Nov -Jul



Botanical Name: Dahlia

Colours: Red, deep red, yellow, white, pink, peach

Availability: Nov-May


Botanical name: Hydrangea

Colours: Green, pink, purple, blue

Availability: Nov-April


Botanical name: Snapdragon

Colours: Most commonly- pink, purple, orange

Availability: Nov-Sept


Botanical Name: Crab apple, malus blossom.

Colours: Pink, white

Availability: Dec- Jan


Botanical Name: Frangipani

Colours: White/yellow, pink/orange

Availability: Dec- Feb


Botanical Name: Gloriosa lily (Liliaceae.fam)

Colours: Red/yellow

Availability: Dec- Feb


Botanical Name: Gloxinia

Colours: Pink, purple

Availability:\ Dec-Feb


Botanical Name: Poinsetta

Colours: Red

Availability: Dec- Feb


Botanical Name: Stephanotis

Colours: White

Availability: Dec- Feb


Botanical Name: Tuberose

Colours: White with pink buds

Availability: Dec-feb, Aug-Sep


Botanical Name: Alstromeria, Peruvian lily

Colours: White, pink, green, red, yellow, orange

Availability: All year


Botanical Name: Anthurium

Colours: White, salmon, pink, lime green, red, pink/ green

Availability: All year


Botanical Name: Asiatic lily

Colours: White, pink, orange, yellow, red, coral

Availability: All year


Botanical Name: Banksia

Colours: Green, Red, yellow, orange, Brown, silver

Availability: All year


Botanical Name: Chrysanthemum

Colours: Pink, white, red, green,yellow, lilac, orange

Availability: All year

Botanical Name: Chrysanthemum

Colours: Yellow/white

Availability: All year


Botanical Name: Delphinium

Colours: Blue, white, purple

Availability: All year


Botanical Name: Gerbera

Colours: White, pink, hot pink, orange, yellow, lemon, red

Availability: All year


Botanical Name: Gladiolus

Colours: White, purple, green, pink, yellow,red orange, liliac, lemon,

Availability: All year


Botanical Name: Heliconia, lobster claw, parrot beak,(Musaceae.fam)

Colours: Red, orange, yellow

Availability: All year


Botanical Name: Iris

Colours: Purple, white, yellow

Availability: All year


Botanical Name: Jasmine

Colours: White /pink

Availability: All year


Botanical Name: Kangaroo Paw
Colours: pink, green, red, red/green, yellow, orange

Availability: All year


Botanical Name: Lavender

Colours: Purple

Availability: All year 


Botanical Name: Leucadendron

Colours: Green, red, yellow

Availability: All year


Botanical Name: Lisianthus

Colours: White, soft pink, purple, lilac, white with purple tip

Availability: All year


Botanical Name: Lotus flower, lotus pods

Colours: Green pods, pink and white flower


All year

Botanical Name: Dusty Miller, Cineraria leaves.

Colours: Silver

Availability: All year


Botanical Name:Mini Gerbera

Colours: White, red, orange, peach, cream, yellow, lemon, soft pink, hot pink, candy

Availability: All year

Botanical Name: November lily
Colours:  White, new white/ pink
Availability: All year


Botanical Name: Pitcher plant

Colours: Green, green with touch of purple

Availability: All year

Botanical Name: Peace lily

Colours: White

Availability: All year


Botanical Name: Rose

Colours: White, lilac,red, orange, peach, cream, yellow, lemon, soft pink, hot pink, varieties of two-toned colours and more.


All year


Botanical Name: Silvan reds(Leucadendron species)

Colours: Red

Availability: All year

Botanical Name: Singapore orchid (Dendrobium species)

Colours: White, green, liliac/white, pink

Availability: All year


Botanical Name: Statice

Colours: White, purple, pink

Availability: All year

Botanical Name: Sunflower

Colours: Yellow

Availability: All year


Botanical Name: Solidaster

Colours: Yellow

Availability: All year

Botanical Name: Tiger lily, Asiatic lily(Lilium species)

Colours: white, pink, orange, yellow, peach, red

Availability: All year


Botanical Name: Tortured willow, twisted willow(Salix species)

Colours: Green when fresh

Availability: All year

Botanical Name: Vanda orchid
Colours: Hot pink,red orange, purple, yellow

Availability: All year

Botanical name: Violet
Colours:  Purple, white, pink
Availability: All year


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