Wedding Dresses & Gowns in Melbourne

With its festivals, showcases, carnivals, and culture Melbourne has always put a large emphasis on being at the cutting edge of fashion and design. Numerous boutiques and shopfronts line streets showcasing elegant craftsmanship and handiwork, spoiling the city’s citizens for choice when buying clothes. This statement is doubly true when it comes to the city’s selection of wedding dresses and gowns with brides able to choose from countless suppliers. Bride Online saves you the time and energy of visiting each of these locations individually by compiling all of the wedding dress and gown suppliers in Melbourne on one handy list for you to view at your leisure.

Embrace Bridal, Wedding Dresses, Geelong & Ballarat, Australia

Embrace Bridal

Geelong & Ballarat

Embrace Bridal - A luxurious Space. A Boutique Experience.

Presenting a stunning selection of wedding dresses. Each collection has been carefully considered to ensure both uncompromising quality and an exquisite range from sophisticated to traditional to contemporary.
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Lucy Laurita, Wedding Dresses, Ascot Vale VIC, Australia

Lucy Laurita

Ascot Vale VIC
  • Leiela womenswear, accentuating natural beauty
  • Contemporary Bride & Bridesmaid Dresses
  • Beach Bridal Gowns
  • Celebrating Your Special Day
  • Dressed in Style, Grace, Elegance
  • Custom Made
Based in Australia's fashion capital , Melbourne celebrated designer Lucy Laurita creates signature womenswear.More often than not women today face options that are mass produced and anything but different . Lucy
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Belle et Blanc, Wedding Dresses, , Australia

Belle et Blanc


Designed in Melbourne, Elegant Bridal Wear, Made to Measure

Belle et Blanc features exquisite range of bridal wear with delicate fabrics, superior quality and feminine designs.
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Lookbook Bride, Wedding Dresses, Melbourne, Australia

Lookbook Bride

  • Lookbook Bride Designer look Gowns from $1300 too $2300
  • Lookbook Bride is all about contoured silhouettes
Lux satins, stretch bare tulle, beautiful laces full of style and craftsmanship!! All backs of gowns have an amazing attention to detail - designer look gowns from $1300 to $2300
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