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Cars Fit For a Royal Wedding
Fleetwood Chauffeured Limousines - 4 to 5 passenger sedan
Fleetwood Chauffeured Limousines - 6 to 8 passenger limousine
Fleetwood Chauffeured Limousines - 6 to 8 passenger limousine
Fleetwood Chauffeured Limousines - 4 to 5 passenger sedan

Classic Cars

Fleetwood Chauffeured Limousines is a family owned business and is expertly run by Tore and Connie. Their Bentley, Armstrong Siddeley, and Jaguar cars are fully restored to their former glory.


Choose from a Fleet of Luxury Cars

Now with a fleet of cars and handpicked chauffeurs, Fleetwood Limousines are making many wedding day dreams come true. The bride and groom go away feeling like a prince and princess, and when Fleetwood Limousines take them away on their special day they feel like a king and queen.

“Voted No. 1 - in Victoria by Customer Choice in the Wedding Transport Category at the 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 Victorian Annual Bridal Industry Awards.”

Experience the Finest personalised Service

Tore and Connie believe when a couple choose Fleetwood cars for their wedding day, the decision should reflect the mood and style of the occasion in the same way they choose their outfits and everything associated with the day.


Fleetwood love spending time with couples to discuss their requirements and to come up with the best plan.

Fleetwood Chauffeured Limousines
Fleetwood Chauffeured Limousines
Fleetwood Chauffeured Limousines
Fleetwood Chauffeured Limousines

Wedding Cars Must Be Licensed

The Victorian Taxi Directorate is responsible for licensing commercial passenger vehicles used for wedding hire. For the public's protection, these vehicles must adhere to high standards and the driver must pass medical and police history checks before licenses are issued.


It is an offence for any person to charge for the use of cars for wedding parties unless that person is licensed under the Transport Act 1983. You have the right to demand proof from the operator that the vehicle is licensed.


If you are paying for the use of vehicle on your wedding day ensure you hire a vehicle that is licensed to carry passengers for hire and reward. Should you have any questions relating to licensed wedding cars please contact the Victorian Taxi Directorate ().


With compliments

Victorian Taxi Directorate

Helpful Hints

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Ask Questions and View the Car

When booking your car we strongly suggest that after doing your research you physically see the car(s) and the operator.


Try to avoid booking the first operator you see, unless you are TOTALLY HAPPY and that ALL OF YOUR REQUIREMENTS ARE MET. Take the time, make the effort and BE FUSSY.

Choosing a Caring Operator

Hiring an operator who provides the very finest service, loves what they do and will care about making your day perfect is important. So ascertain if you’ve a caring and service oriented operator by asking questions such as “Do you enjoy driving on the wedding day?” and noting how tidy their office is.


Take the time to do your homework and select wisely – you will be happy you did.


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I highly recommend Fleetwood. Very professional chauffeur and a gorgeous car for photos. Our chauffeur was very patient and didn't rush after dropping me off at the ceremony. He was kind enough to stick around for photos.

- Steph 5

Nov 2nd 2011

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