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Make sure your wedding cake is big enough for the number of guests you will be having - everyone loves a piece of wedding cake to take home. Traditionally fruit cake with heavy icing was the norm and this is still popular.

But nowadays people are much more creative and artistic, often choosing a cake that has important symbolism to the couple and sometimes including a fun cake topper. Don't leave the wedding cake plans too late; they take time to make! Find a full range of wedding cake and cake topper providers here at Bride Online.

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My wedding, my food choice?!

My wedding, my food choice?!

Why do you have to try and stomach completely different food at your wedding? Could the caterer actually have the last say on what gets served and what not?.


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What Your Wedding Cake Says about You

There are so many things that can determine a person’s personalities and traits. From their choice in clothing, taste in food and even selections of cars. But one thing that can interpret the type of bride you are, is your choice in wedding cake. Different types of fillings can define...

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Groom's Cakes: Fresh and Fun Ideas for Your Man [photos]

Traditionally, a wedding cake is loaded with flowers, pearls and pastels. Even the more modern designs that use brighter colors still employ flowers, scroll work and other traditionally "feminine" designs. But let's be honest: A lot of men don't enjoy these motifs. So there has been a growing trend in...

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Five wedding cake trends to fall in love with [Photos]

Everyone loves cake – but with so many options to choose from, the prospect of having to find the perfect wedding cake can be daunting. The right wedding cake should...

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Wedding Catering Checklist

A celebration isn’t much of a celebration without food. Your wedding day is definitely the mother of all celebrations, and as such, a feast is in high order. With so...

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How to: Manage Your Drink on Your Wedding Day

You’ve been planning for months- or potentially even years- and of course, you want to remember all the details of your wedding day. A fuzzy recollection, tequila-induced memory loss, and...

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