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Perfect speeches for the perfect wedding

Your wedding speech is one of the most important speeches you'll ever make. Many couples spend huge amounts of time organising their special event, but leave the all-important speech preparation to chance.

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Regardless of the style of celebration you've chosen for your day we'll work with you to ensure that the speeches are amongst the highlights. If you're a member of the bridal party who will be on 'speech duty': the groom, the bride, the best man, the parents of the bride or groom, the bridesmaids, we'll show you how to prepare and deliver a speech which matches the occasion and your personality.

For many, speaking in public is an unnerving experience but, be assured: you can actually enjoy planning and delivering your speech.

At the Occasional Speaker:

We work with you to create a speech, which captures what you want to say in a style that works for your personality.

We coach you in presentation so you'll deliver a memorable speech with all the skill of a polished presenter.

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How we deliver our services:

One-to-one - We offer private coaching in person or via Skype, webinar or telephone.

Group workshops - We'll customise a fun workshop to cater for the skills, experience and confidence of your speechmakers. We'll show you techniques for delivery including how to use the microphone; and show you how to engage the audience with just the right about of sentiment, stories, anecdotes and humour. Most of all we specialise in helping speechmakers overcome anxiety so that all of your party can enjoy this special event.

Public workshops - These are available to any member of your speech-making team. Be sure to register for our newsletter and we'll keep in 'in the loop' about venues and dates.


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