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Ten Reasons to Get Hitched In Vegas, Baby!

What do Demi Moore, Clint Eastwood and Angelina Jolie have in common? They all tied the sacredest of knots in the city of sin! If you're after the most exciting, outrageous, or simply fun-filled wedding money can buy, Vegas just be the place for you. Tempted? Here are ten reasons why you should tie the knot in the city that never sleeps.

1. They're Fun

Sure, you can get married in the typical Las Vegas tradition- before a pelvis shaking Elvis impersonator-  but there are literally thousands of options too.  Trekkie fan? Live long and prosper after being married by a Starfleet officer in Las Vegas Hilton's Star Trek: The Experience Wedding Chapel. Adrenaline junkie? Take the leap (literally) and get married whilst bungee-jumping off a tower in the middle of the Las Vegas strip. Perhaps you prefer an underwater ceremony, where mermaids will serve as your chorus? Naturally, that's absolutely doable in a vast variety of casino tanks and aquariums.

2. They're Fast

How about a Las Vegas wedding faster than you can say Big Mac? There are many drive-through altars you can pull into to get hitched without a hassle. Even chapel weddings in Las Vegas are speedy as you are usually only allocated half an hour. Nevada law does not require couples to undergo a waiting period before getting married, which makes the whole process even quicker.

3. They're Easy

You don't need a blood test to get married in Vegas. You don't need parental consent if you are over the age of 18. You only need one form of identification- such as your passport- to confirm your age, and you only need one witness (which most wedding chapels provide anyway) for a Las Vegas wedding. Easier than deciding on what to order for your takeout dinner!

4. They're Cheap

Well, if you take the cost of the flights and accommodation out of the equation (consider those your honeymoon expenses) and if you're prepared to have a no frills ceremony, Las Vegas weddings can be extremely good value for money. The marriage license fee is only US $55.00 and there are chapels that offer wedding packages for as little as US $45.00. Las Vegas wedding packages usually include the use of the chapel, the services of a celebrant, music, the bride's bouquet and the groom's boutonniere, a set amount of wedding photographs or a wedding video and transportation from the hotel to the wedding chapel. Quite a few chapels now have web cams so that your families back home in Australia can watch the ceremony live over the Internet too.

5. They're Convenient

Once you arrive in Las Vegas, check-in to one of the larger casino hotels and you'll be able to co-ordinate, prepare for, and conduct your entire wedding without having to leave the complex. The bigger hotels have dress shops, beauticians and  wedding  hairdressers all within the premises who will primp, pamper and fit you for a bridal gown so you'll look like a million dollars on your wedding day. They also feature a wedding chapel for the ceremony and will be able to host your wedding reception too. Most importantly, they have sumptuous honeymoon suites just waiting to be frolicked in by amorous newlyweds.

6. They're Warm

Las Vegas is mostly gorgeous and sunny all year round so your wedding won't be at the mercy of the weather. The heat can be a little stifling during the summer but most wedding chapels are air-conditioned or you can get around this by having your nuptials at night.

7. They're Multicultural

If you're from an ethnic background and English isn't your first language, or you'd just like to recite your vows in your native language for sentimental reasons, than Las Vegas is the place for you. Lots of chapels hold foreign language wedding ceremonies and you can say 'I do' in Spanish, French, Japanese or any other language you please.

8. They're Available Around The Clock

Who says you have to get married during the day? Imagine how romantic would it be to share your first kiss as man and wife at the stroke of midnight instead. In Australia, there aren't too many celebrants willing to give up their beauty sleep to conduct your ceremony at that hour but in Las Vegas, anytime is a good time to get married!

9. They Can Be Au Naturale

Want to enter the wedding chapel the same way you entered the world? As unbelievable as it may sound, you and your husband-to-be can turn up for your Las Vegas wedding as naked as a newborn baby – without getting arrested for indecent exposure.

10. They're often Followed By Las Vegas Honeymoons

The one thing that is guaranteed about a Las Vegas wedding is that they're never boring - and your honeymoon need'nt be either if you stay in Vegas for it. Share a glass of champagne as you hover over the Grand Canyon in a hot air balloon. Ride a rollercoaster 100 stories above the ground at the Stratosphere Tower (guaranteed to be scarier than standing at the altar for even the most reluctant of grooms) or just stroll down the Las Vegas Strip and take in all the dazzling lights of the world's brightest city (over 15, 000 miles of neon tubing is used to bring the Strip and the downtown Las Vegas area to life).

With over 120,000 marriage licenses issued every year, Las Vegas is the undisputed wedding capital of the world. If Elizabeth Taylor (an expert at eight marriages) found Vegas charming enough to marry in, then a Las Vegas wedding will surely enchant you and your fiancé too.

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