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Your Wedding Playlist from Start to Finish!

Map out your wedding playlist from the ceremony to the reception using our free online wedding music resource.

Once you are done, export your playlist to pdf to share with your bridal party, wedding venue and DJ!

View What’s Popular

View the most popular wedding songs as used by Australian brides for your wedding ceremony, wedding reception or custom event!

Browse a Wide Selection

Simply browse and select tracks from our huge wedding song database by most popular, artist, genre or album.

Download & Share

Download and share your wedding playlist, in pdf format, to provide to your friends, wedding venue and DJ so that everyone knows the dealio!

Get it Right!

Listen to your songs, or even watch the music video to ensure that the song is indeed the one you wanted for your day!

Plan the Entire Day!

Add your songs to your ceremony, reception or custom event. Simply drag and drop to reorder with ease and save important notes for each track!

It's Free !

Best of all.... your wedding song planner is completely free and can be setup in just minutes!

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