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Wedding Timeline Checklist

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The Timeline checklist will help keep you organised and inform you of what you have to do from 18 months, right up to the day of your wedding.

Where to Start

Becoming engaged is both exciting and daunting. You are suddenly overcome with passion and joy of being in love and marrying the partner of your dreams.

Your emotions may take over your decisions. You want the most perfect wedding. You want to organise everything properly without forgetting anything but may feel that there are so many things to do in so little time. Where do you start?

Bride online is committed in helping you with the planning process by providing you with our useful planning tools. The first thing you must do is prepare a budget to work out initially what you have to spend. Meet with your parents over a quiet dinner and decide what they can contribute. Our Budget Planner can help keep your spending under control.

Shortlist Service Providers

Decide on the style of the wedding that you and your fiancé would like (Formal, Semi formal, casual etc)

Once you have approximately allocated funds for all the items, find the vendors, suppliers and service providers who can fulfil your needs within your budget amount. Our site has an extensive list of vendors and service providers in our Wedding Directory. And if you can not find what you are looking for or run out of time, go to our Online Help Form and request information for free to be sent to you.

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