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Ebonnie Friday, 1st of February 2013

Hi I am not too sure how much our wedding should cost we will have 100-150 guests I really don't know how much to budget for, we recently had our engagement party and at the time we never really kept track but it cost 5-8k I'm not sure to double the amount or what to do.


Firstly, congratulations on your engagement!

Unfortunately there is no simple answer to how much a wedding costs. There are average and estimated prices (the current average wedding spend is approx 30k), but they can be a little bit meaningless and it's very easy to spend more than these, and possible to spend less. Our advice would be to work out what you can afford to spend, or what you want to spend first, then work from there. While we can't advise you how much you should spend on your wedding day, we can certainly give you some pointers on the best way to work out your own budget and help you stick to it.

To start with, we would recommend working out what your limit is. How much are you prepared to spend on your wedding day and is it realistic for you?

Once you've agreed on a figure, you can start breaking it down into categories - how much will you spend on the reception, the dress, the cars, the cake? This will take a bit of research and will mean getting a few quotes from different suppliers so you can get an idea of what things cost. If you've found the amount you've set isn't aligning with everything you want, this is the time to review your budget or start looking at alternative suppliers that fall within your price range. We would strongly recommend making this 'budget review' the last one - it's very easy to add on a bit here and there as you go through the planning process and spend more than you had planned, but remember, you set that initial figure for a reason.

We've put together an article with 10 pointers on sticking to your wedding budget, hopefully this helps!

Remember, there are plenty of ways to have your dream wedding while sticking to your budget. They often just take time, rather than money, so make sure you allow yourself plenty of it. Have a look at these tips from Bride Online!

If there's anything else we can help with, please don't hesitate to ask.

Best wishes,
The team at Leonda By The Yarra

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