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Should I wear my dress all night?

Madison Tuesday, 9th of August 2011

I can't decide if I should have two dresses, one for the ceremony and one for the reception, maybe a dress that has a removable train? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hi, Most girls will wear their gorgeous Gown all night - from an expense point of view, and from the fact they love their Gown!

Traditionally, you will wear your Gown all evening for a church/celebrant wedding & wedding reception occasion. Most Gowns with a train, will have the facility to be able to "bustle" their train for the ease of mingling with friends/family, and dancing. Detatchable trains really depend on the design of the Gown and needs to be thought about from the very beginning if you are considering this option.

However some girls do have a totally different Gown for their reception, more of a sophisticated Formal /party option, and this may be determined by the tone of the celebration part of the occasion you want to have..., Influences may be: your location, ie a beach wedding with a resteraunt reception, or inner city small wedding with a coctail party in a more public place, or a morning Wedding following by a Reception later in the evening. In these cases, your Wedding Gown may feel too formal for the feel you want to create for your after wedding celebrations, and you surprise your guests with a new little number for the fun , more relaxed part of the occasion!

Basically, you can do whatever you want to! There are no rules I believe as after all, it is your Wedding...Heather

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