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Kate Sunday, 14th of October 2012

I would love to have my wedding under a big white marquee tent in a garden on a beautiful summers night. I have been looking at venues but no where offers this. I can only find hiring marquees and then hiring everything else to go inside and having to bring in catering etc. Does anybody know of any venues that offer marquees for the reception venue or have any advice? Thanks so much!

Marquees by their very nature are portable and as such this is going to be hard one. Even venues with sweeping landscape like Woodman Estate or Morning Start Estate will hire their marquees and outsource all the interiors. It's a wonderful idea but if you dont want the hassle associated with a fully outsourced and hired marquee I would look for venues with conservatories, indoor/outdoor rooms and rooms with garden views so that the venue feels less like a reception centre room and more like an outdoor marquee.This might be a good compromise on attaining the gorgeous summer feel your looking for without the expense and labour involved. I hope this helps!

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