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Angela Friday, 27th of January 2012

I have done so much research on wedding planners and stylists, but can't seem to find anyone who is Australia wide based with a minimum of 2 wedding planners per wedding (to avoid illness etc.) and have an extensive knowledge in the industry, and is classy, everything seems to be for budget brides and not opulent enough for me. I have been searching and searching and all I can find are people internationally which isn't ideal. Please help [:-((]

Hi there and thank you for your enquiry.

I understand your frustration completely! I found when I was organising my own wedding that I had trouble finding a planner who really took the time to try and understand my vision and had as much interest in my own wedding as me, so it was my goal when starting my own wedding planning business to get to know each Bride and what she needs, right down to the smallest detail. Finding a planner that loves their job and wants to treat your wedding as their own is so important.

The planner you ultimately end up choosing needs to feel 100% right for you as you are putting a lot of trust in them that your wedding day is going to be exactly as you expected it.

Can I ask how many planners you have contacted and what kind of questions they have been asking you? A good planner should really take an interest in finding out a lot about what you are looking for and what you may need help with, as well as suggesting options for you before suggesting a package and submitting a quote.

With regards to you having trouble finding a planning company that is Australia-wide, this is quite common. Because the wedding industry is very area-based (that is, most suppliers focus on one area of a state or city), planners and stylists (good ones!) should take the time to get to know other vendors in their area inside and out. The more contacts a planner has, the more successful your wedding will be, as the relationships between your vendors will be open, friendly and familiar. Some planners (including Event Angels) have the ability to travel interstate and have taken the time to make contacts in other cities, so hopefully you can find a planner who has done this.

it is unfortunate that you are having trouble finding a planning company that can offer you two planners for your wedding - there is no reason why this isn't possible, as long as it's included in the quote.

Another handy hint is to ask for testimonials, and in the event that you are also after styling services, ask to view portfolios of previous wedding work so you can see the quality of the work and hopefully find a planner than can offer you your level of opulence and class.

I hope I have been of some advice you to, please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions. Best of luck :)

Event Angels

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