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Siobhan Thursday, 19th of January 2012

How far in advance do I book my reception venue and church?

How far in advance you should look to book your reception and church largely depends on the time of year (month) and preferred day. If you are keen to secure a Saturday evening during the warmer months (often refer to as peak season Oct-March) then at least 12-18 months in advance is a good idea. Couples who are more flexible with their preference, that is, may consider a Friday or Sunday wedding probably have more time to spare as these dates are not as sought after. Winter months typically have shorter lead times and are sometimes booked with 3-6 month lead times. Fundamentally, my advise would be - if you have a very specific date in mind then consider booking as soon as possible so as to avoid having to compromise on dates or the venue/church to get want you want. I hope this helps.

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