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Katrina Wednesday, 11th of January 2012

I want to ask my SIL to be a BM but she doesnt wear dresses. I dont want her to feel uncomfortable, I know its my day. But what should i do? expect her to wear a dress or would it look ok if she wore a pant suit? There will be other girls who will be happy to wear a dress.

Im sure it would be fine for your SIL to wear a pant suit. The most important thing to remember with your whole wedding is communication. Make sure you talk to her about the design first, you may find that she is perfectly happy to wear a dress if that is what you want her to wear. if she accepts your offer for her to wear a pant suit make sure it is a similar design to the other bridesmaids wearing dresses. If all the bridesmaids are wearing different designs then it doesnt matter what her design is.
I hope this has been helpful
Regards Lynda Mogg from Miss Lynda

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