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Fiesta!!! han visto a mi perro u taco

FlyGirl Friday, 7th of October 2011

My fiancé has always wanted a mariachi band to pop up surprise everyone as soon as we have exchanged our vowels...a little bit like out of a taco advertisement on tv. Appropriate? And if so, any recommendations?

Hello there!

I did a search and found a website for a Melbourne based Mariachi band, their site looks really interesting. I suggest you give them a call and check them out. Please Google - mariachilosromanticos .

Sounds like it could be a fantastic idea to have truly memorable entertainment for your reception.

Have great fun planning your wedding.
Rita Cohann
Marriage Celebrant Melbourne

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anonymous Saturday, 14th January 2012 1:02 PM

I think this would be so much fun!! It would also take alot of the stiffness away that weddings can often have. Good luck, and have a blast!

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