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Chelsea Friday, 7th of October 2011


Just wondering if I can use any song for my wedding video, are there copyright laws or is it a case of 'if you dont tell justin timberlake.... i wont either' sort of setup ?

Hello, I have been shooting Wedding DVD's for many years and never used anyone elses music... Mind you, I have also played in cover bands for many years and never used anyone elses music on stage either... just kind of stood there doing nothing!

Just like every singer and musician in the world!!

The short answer is of course you can, everyone does it...its naughty, but the chancesof anyone associated with Nsync watching your Wedding DVD is pretty unlikely.

We are negotiating an add shoot and they wanna use 'I like to move it' which will go out to a much larger audience, so we have to pay $18k for the honor!!

But Cover bands, Wedding DVD's... everyone does it.

EXCEPT US ... just in case!


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anonymous Saturday, 4th August 2012 4:43 PM

Your Videographer should have a music license to allow you to use almost any song. The license covers the use of songs played in Australia to be reproduced for weddings with a maximum of 20 copies of the DVD allowed for private in home viewing. You can not place these on the web inder this license. There are heavy fines for the video producer if they don't have the appropriate license.

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