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KateW Friday, 7th of October 2011

I was recently at a wedding and noticed that the makeup artist was still hanging around and giving the bride some touchups throughout the day.

Is this common amoungst the industry, would this be at an hourly or fixed rate ? Or should this service even be neccessary if I have a great make-up artist ?

Kim McGann

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Hi there Bride to be,

From my experience, I would say this that would be very rare.
However, It is something that you could certainly request from your makeup artist if you felt as though you would need it or it would just give you extra peace of mind and one less thing to worry about.
The rate would either be based on a flat day rate to hire that artist, or a set hourly rate for every hour they were required after finishing the actual application of makeup for you and the bridal party.
In saying this, I do believe if you choose the right makeup artist you would not need this extra service.

A highly experience, qualified makeup artist using professional products, knows how to layer makeup in a way that it will be long lasting, and would only require minimal touch if at all.
However..... with all of the kissing, drinking , dancing and photographs in the sun means touch ups are not totally out of the question no mater which makeup artist you book.
A great makeup artist should also be able to supply you with mini lippy pot/gloss, as well as a compact powder that you can take with you on the wedding day, and use if required.

I hope this helps and has answered your question :)

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