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Tamanda Friday, 9th of September 2011

Hi I want to find a reception centre that will cater for a smaller wedding (approx 40 people) and one that will also allow me to bring in some alcohol as I have an allergy to beer and wine so would like to be able to bring in kahlua for myslef and have shots in leiu of celebration champagne.

Are there any suggestions for the melbourne area taht are reasonably priced? Ive only just started looking and it seems all very daunting

Searching for your perfect reception venue can be hard work!

Not only are you working with lots of different price brackets, there can be a big difference in what is included in the packages offered, or in your case the minimum number of guests that are required. There are a number fo beautiful venues that can cater for a group of 40, including the Wellington Room at the Brighton Savoy and also the Treetops Room at Chateau Wyuna.

What area are you looking in? Most venues are fully licensed so you would need to find out from each venue what their policy and liquor licence allows in regards to BYO. Good Luck with your wedding plans!

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LauraC Friday, 7th October 2011 11:09 AM

They usually let the bride do whatever she wants! Just ask them before you make the booking as they may even break their own rules to get you over the line!!!

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