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Amanda Friday, 19th of August 2011

Im currently researching different options for wedding entertainment. Im very interested in the idea of a magician, but am not sure if they are trustworthy. I once saw one physically saw a man in half. Someone assured me that this was a trick, but how can i be sure? i consider safety to be of paramount importance.

Also, their attire concerns me: their enormous top hats seem perfect for concealing weapons, and i know for a fact that their notoriously common mustaches are an excellent method of camouflage. How can i tell that they are magicians, and not outlaws on the run, simply posing as magicians? Also, their top hats could be used to store quick changes of clothing (which could obviously be used as a further method of concealment).

Where can i find tips on how to differentiate between trustworthy, honest magicians and con-men looking to seriously injure my guests?

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